Riverdale season 3: When is the flashback episode? When does it air?

Riverdale season three started back earlier this month on The CW. Episodes air every Wednesday in the US and arrive on Netflix UK every Thursday morning at 8am. Show creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed earlier this year there would be a flashback episode. Here’s the low down of when the highly anticipated flashback episode will air. […]

The Apprentice 2018: What will happen next week in episode 2?

The Apprentice returned for its 2018 season tonight on BBC One. This week’s episode was followed by a promo for the next instalment. The episode will air next Wednesday (October 10) at 9pm on BBC One. Here’s what that promo revealed about what task the candidates will be facing on next week’s Apprentice. What will […]

TV's New Magnum P.I. Eyes a Selleck-Like 'Stache in Episode 2 Sneak Peek

TV’s new Magnum P.I. thinks about giving us the full Tom Selleck in this sneak peek from Episode 2 of the CBS reboot. In the clip above, we see Thomas (played by Jay Hernandez) in flashback, cleaning himself up after a military tour. But just how clean shaven does he want to be? Press play […]

Star Wars 9: Will Snoke be revealed as Darth Plagueis after all in Episode 9?

Also Serkis’ IMDB page shows he’s not currently committed to filming any projects in the near future, meaning there’s space for him to shoot Snoke scenes in Star Wars 9. Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh has been considering for what purpose Snoke could return post-death and has been wondering if he’ll finally get revealed as […]

Ozark season 2 finale: What did Helen warn Wendy about in the last episode?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ozark season 2 The Ozark season two finale was called Gold Coast and saw Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) formulating a complex plan to get himself and his family out of Missouri and into the relative safety of Australia. But his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) threw a monumental […]

Bodyguard episode 5: What will happen next? Will David be exposed?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Bodyguard Episode five of Bodyguard will air on BBC One on Sunday (September 16) at 9pm. A plot synopsis from the BBC reads: “Determined to push the investigation forward, principal protection officer David Budd (played by Richard Madden) targets enemies of home secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). “As he […]

Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt star Jack P Shepherd drops HUGE episode clanger

Coronation Street actor Jack, who plays David Platt in the soap, sneakily added three unscripted lines into last night’s show. The 30-year-old ad-libbed a line in three separate scenes in the hope it would make the final programme cut. Cheekily, the soap star managed to get away with it, later posting a video clip to […]