Fortnite update 1.72: Epic Games launch new PS4 and Android patch today for 5.21 release

Players have seen themselves kicked randomly from games following Epic Games launching a new hotfix. The development team did warn that this could happen at a later date, due to problems with the latest Fortnite content patch. “We’re aware of an increase in crashes in Battle Royale since the release of v5.21,” the Epic Games message […]

Fortnite update 5.21 today: Epic Games confirm patch notes and downtime news

Having teased it earlier this week, it has now been confirmed that a new Fortnite Battle Royale patch is being released. Epic Games skipped the usual Tuesday maintenance update routine and instead waited until Wednesday, August 15. Fans already know that a new weapon is being added to the game this week, with the development […]

‘Peace behind me, war in front of me’: China shows big guns in epic recruitment VIDEO

Beijing’s top-notch military hardware is showcased in a bombastic recruitment ad which went viral on Chinese social media. The blockbuster-like video was produced for Army Day. The ad titled ‘I Am a Chinese Soldier’ began circulating in China last week. It starts with touching scenes of servicemen departing from their families. “Peace behind me, war […]

French tennis player Benoit Paire had an epic meltdown, breaking 3 rackets

Carolyn Kaster/AP French tennis player Benoit Paire, ranked 55th in the world, had a major meltdown at the Citi Open.  He smashed his racket on the court four times, breaking it, and later chucked it away.  He went on to smash another racket and tossed the broken rackets onto the court for a ball boy to […]

Epic quickly nerfs the new ‘Fortnite’ SMG after complaints

The v5.10 Fortnite update that brought back our beloved Playground mode also added something else — this new gun. Unfortunately, the “high capacity, fast firing Compact SMG” was just a little too overpowered, and many high-profile players quickly complained that it made the game a race to get the SMG so one could chew through […]

Fortnite update: Epic Games release news on July 25 SMG patch notes

Patch notes have been released today that confirm the tweaks being made to SMGs in Fortnite Battle Royale. The new Fortnite update was announced via the support team on Twitter and is based on fan feedback. Epic Games say they have released the new hotfix as a way to try and rebalance the line of […]

Fortnite Save the World free code: Epic Games reveal new roadmap ahead of update

Epic Games are planning to release their original fort-building mode to a significant new audience, later this year. Fortnite Save the World has a dedicated fanbase which hopes to see the game leave the beta phase and fully launch in 2018. And Epic Games has also announced that STW will be following in the footsteps […]

Emmerdale spoilers: Lachlan White to be MURDERED by these characters in epic revenge?

This week on ITV soap Emmerdale has seen Lachlan (played by Thomas Atkinson) carry out some truly evil deeds. Convinced Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) was behind the threatening text messages he’d been receiving, Lachlan caused a gas leak in Mill Cottage. Fortunately his plan did not work, but Liv remembered seeing him before she passed […]

Fortnite update 5.0: Epic Games news on new SMG and downtime plans

Today will see the first season 5 content patch released by the development team. The Fortnite update 5.0 release today will be based around new content being added to the game. Epic Games have yet to release the patch notes for their next big update; however, they have provided further details on when it will […]

A ‘Game of Thrones’ star teased a new season 8 scene — and fans are hoping this confirms an epic theory

HBO “Game of Thrones” actor Hapthór Björnsson (The Mountain) has fans hyped. In an Instagram Q&A, Björnsson said his favorite scene is happening on season eight. For many hoping the fan theory “Cleganebowl” comes true, this could be a good sign.  Cleganebowl posits that the Clegane brothers — The Hound and The Mountain — will fight to […]