A drone enthusiast built an incredible giant LEGO helicopter — and it really flies

YouTube / Adam Woodworth Adam Woodworth is a fan of building faux-LEGO models that actually fly. His latest creation is a giant model of a LEGO helicopter, using foam rather than LEGO to allow it to fly. He also makes smaller flying models, like the classic podracers from Star Wars.   Adam Woodworth has a […]

Tesla enthusiast video shows Model 3 production line in motion

Much of the news about Tesla lately has focused on the company’s struggles to increase the speed of production of its new Model 3 sedan. Elon Musk has famously characterized the car as being “deep in production hell,” and the company has had to push back its target of building 5,000 units per week by […]

This McLaren 570S Spider is great for the budding enthusiast

The new McLaren 570S Spider is a wonderful car, but it’s far out of the price range for most enthusiasts. The car starts at $ 208,800 before any options. Still, there is an alternative. McLaren and U.S. toymaker Step2 have just announced a new version of the 570S Spider that’s both far more affordable and […]

Sixteen Books Every Auto Enthusiast Should Read

We’ve previously profiled ­occasional C/D contributor P.J. O’Rourke’s Driving Like Crazy: 30 Years of Vehicular Hellbending, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still need it. – A list of “bests” is always temporary, but these books will add weight to anyone’s corpus of knowledge for cars, racing, and race drivers. Our list includes recent titles […]

Great Father's Day Gifts for Every Car Enthusiast Dad

slide-0 Great Gifts for Every Car Enthusiast While celebrated in Europe since the Middle Ages, what we in the U.S. recognize as Father’s Day has been actively promoted for just over a century. And despite repeated calls — locally, regionally and nationally — for recognition of dads commensurate with that given to moms, the initiative […]