The Greatest Showman: Listen to INCREDIBLE new version of Never Enough by Kelly Clarkson

The new record sees a host of popstars recording tunes from the smash hit movie, which is the biggest-selling movie download of 2018 so far. It has also had enormous success with its official soundtrack, which has spent 44 weeks in the Top 10; 21 of which have been at No1. Now, The Greatest Showman: […]

We’re Not Mad Enough About the End of FilmStruck

If you care enough about FilmStruck to have clicked this link, it seems safe to assume that you don’t need the obligatory introductory paragraph to summarize where we’re at on this thing. But just in case: FilmStruck, the cinephile wet dream of a streaming service that combined the vast classics library of Turner Classic Movies […]

25 cities where a college degree makes all the difference in getting a good job, earning enough money, and becoming a homeowner

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images The cost of a bachelor’s degree is at an all-time high. But college degrees are still advantageous — especially in certain areas. MagnifyMoney recently determined the top cities where a bachelor’s degree is most valuable. Earnings and opportunities are highest in wealthy and highly educated cities like San Jose and Washington, […]

When taking a photo isn’t enough: The photographer who gives back

Graeme Green November 5, 2018 Share this article “I don’t think it would be fair to make a living selling photos without trying to help the people that I photograph,” says travel photographer Réhahn. Graeme Green speaks to the man on a serious mission to give something back. “I’m a ‘people person’,” says French travel […]

Supercool brines on Mars may contain enough oxygen to support aerobic life

Enlarge / There’s ongoing debate over whether we’ve seen direct evidence of brines on Mars. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona) Atmospheric oxygen both enables complex life and is a hallmark of it. Aerobic respiration is so energetically efficient that it’s thought to have been needed for multicellularity. There is hardly any oxygen in the atmosphere surrounding […]

Mars may have enough oxygen underneath its surface for life

The possibility of life on Mars has been a tantalizing possibility for years, and recent discoveries have only increased excitement about whether we’ll find life on the red planet. Now, a new study in Nature Geoscience posits that it’s possible that Mars may have enough oxygen to harbor life under its surface. The team was […]

When Being the Boss’s Son Isn’t Enough

Editor’s Note: This article is part of an oral-history series where Aaron Reiss interviewed the young-adult sons and daughters of Chinatown shopkeepers about how they are helping to keep their families’ businesses alive. Ken Ma, a 32-year-old M.B.A. who is being groomed to become the CEO of his parents’ optical empire, Mott Optical Group, recalls […]

Sleep: Not enough can trigger three serious health conditions and shorten life expectancy

Sleep can boost a person’s health in a number of ways, from improving immunity to helping you lose weight. Not getting enough can have a detrimental effect. Millions of people suffer from poor sleep as a result of stress, their job and computers. But bad moods and lack of focus aren’t the only negatives that […]

The Nicaraguan Film That'll Make You Angry Enough to Box, Happy Enough to Cry

With two small buns perched atop her head and sweat dripping down her face, Yuma socks the punching bag in swift succession — left, right, left. Repeat. The hits are intentional and forceful — there’s no mistaking how angry she is. Her boyfriend is a good-for-nothing drug dealer, her mother has left Yuma responsible for […]