More than 1,300 were arrested and dozens injured after violent anti-government protests engulfed France — here’s how the clashes unfolded

Associated Press/Rafael Yaghobzadeh Yellow vest protesters took to the streets across France on Saturday, in what quickly devolved into violent clashes with police. The demonstrators began by protesting a planned fuel tax hike weeks ago, but participants have continued even after the French government canceled the increase. The protesters continue to be outraged over French […]

#ThisIsFine: Guy chows down while bus is engulfed in flames (VIDEO)

Some people just seem to have an innate sense of calm, remaining totally cool whatever the circumstances. This guy chowing down while a bus is consumed by flames right beside him though really takes it to another level. This incredible footage, recorded in a cafe in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on Friday, shows a […]

Multiple blasts rock Azeri ammo depot engulfed by fire (VIDEO)

Published time: 27 Aug, 2017 07:05 Edited time: 27 Aug, 2017 07:59 Multiple explosions have rocked an ammunition depot in Azerbaijan, where a fire broke out on Sunday morning. Evacuation of injured people from the scene is being hampered by the danger of the explosive materials. A group of first responders is currently at the […]

Torch tower residents in Dubai wake up to the building engulfed in flames yet again

AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili DUBAI (Reuters) – A fire ripped through one of the world’s tallest residential towers in Dubai on Friday, the latest in a series of fires in tall structures in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf’s tourism and business hub, over the past three years. Flames shot up the sides of the Torch […]

Terrifying videos of West London Tower blaze: 120 apartments engulfed, falling debris (VIDEOS)

Published time: 14 Jun, 2017 06:06 A huge blaze, falling debris, and people reportedly still trapped inside – terrifying footage of the inferno at the massive block in West London has emerged online. [embedded content] “The fire started happening on the third floor. We called the fire brigade. They came 20 minutes later. And then […]

BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood stuns as she’s ENGULFED by plants – ‘Still looking good’

The 54-year-old had another day out of the BBC studios to deliver the morning forecast at the picturesque site. Wearing a chic navy blazer and floral blouse, Carol looked as stunning as ever as she was engulfed by tropical plants. The weather presenter told viewers most of us today will have sunshine and showers. At […]

WATCH: Terrifying moment cruise ship is engulfed by giant waves during MONSTER storm

One view from Stephen’s room on the third deck showed the waves completely blacking out the windows as the side of the ship was submerged.  The video has gone viral since it was shared online.  It has been viewed more than 5.5 million times on YouTube, with hundreds of viewers sharing their own reactions.  One […]

An Avalanche Engulfed A Group Of Japanese High School Students

An avalanche slammed a group of Japenese students on a school trip in north Tokyo on Monday, local media reported. NHK reported that the students were on a mountain-climbing excursion when the avalanche engulfed a ski resort in the Tochigi prefecture. Six high school students were found with no vital signs and three others were […]