‘US Democrats engaging in Neo-McCarthyism’

Having accused Russia of interfering in the US 2016 election, Democrats are guilty of serious double standards, says political analyst John Griffing. They believe not in election integrity, but in winning and keeping power. Senior US Democrats in Congress are claiming that Russia is behind an online campaign to release a classified Republican memo. At […]

DiRT 4 review: as engaging as DiRT Rally but without the punishing difficulty

Codemasters Last year, UK studio Codemasters blew my nomex racing socks off with DiRT Rally. The achievement was all the more notable because—while I tend to stick almost exclusively to racing games—I haven’t really enjoyed off-road or rally games very much in the past. Now, Paul Coleman and his team at Codemasters have a new […]

OMNICHANNEL STRATEGY BUNDLE: Your guide to engaging with shoppers on multiple channels (AMZN, BABA, WMT)

BII If anything you do touches retail or e-commerce, you know it isn’t enough to focus on a single sales channel anymore. The winners will undoubtedly be those who master omnichannel sales. In fact, creating a strong, cohesive, multi-channel operation can make or break your business. A recent Fluent survey found that 47% of shoppers […]

Watch Ewan McGregor and Carrie Coon Engaging in Eerily Banal Activities in ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Teasers

FX has shared a couple more teaser trailers for Fargo’s third season — now revealing the second of Ewan McGregor’s drastically different brother characters. The first teaser showed Mary Elizabeth Winstead and McGregor looking like this: Yes, that exceedingly un-McGregor McGregor was Ray Stussy, a parole officer who apparently sometimes orders pie at a diner w/ Mary […]