Book Excerpt: The Enduring Power of ‘Little Women’

The greatness of Little Women is one of those things that’s become such conventional wisdom, it’s almost taken for granted — as though everyone so accepts the book’s brilliance, it’s become strangely underrated. That’s part of why Little, Brown’s new 150th anniversary edition of Louisa May Alcott’s classic is so valuable; the volume’s gorgeous design and handsome […]

This ocean current has huge effects on the world’s seas, and scientists are enduring blistering cold to figure it out

Chris Kreymborg The North Icelandic Jet is a ribbon of cold water deep below the surface of the North Atlantic and is a key part of the global ocean circulatory system. If conditions get extreme enough to slow down or potentially halt the global circulation caused by the North Icelandic Jet, there could be some incredible […]

‘Love Is Dead’ Has Love For Pets Enduring Even In Undeath

Love is Dead follows a pair of kindly zombies just trying to reunite with their beloved pets. Your job is to ensure that the pair get across some dangerous locations safely, moving through graveyards, volcanoes, and art galleries (which can be KINDA dangerous) as you help this loving pair of corpses get back to their […]