Action RPG ‘Lucah: Born Of A Dream’ Evokes Strong Emotions With Its Vivid, Violent Art

Lucah: Born of a Dream weaves a violent, colorful, and oppressive landscape around the player with its vibrant colors and harsh, scratch-like art style, looking like its existence has been clawed into being. It speaks of pain and harm with its every move as players work through its combat, but despite all of this, calls […]

‘Anamorphine’ Turns Dark Emotions Into Striking Landscapes

Anamorphine creates beautiful, sweeping landscapes out of hurtful memories and lost pasts, following the story of a once-loving couple who’ve been consumed by depression and darkness after an accident. Elena has lost her livelihood and artistic outlet after an accident, and Tyler is facing his own crippling mental issues as he watches his beloved wife […]

Is it ever OK to cry at work? Two business owners discuss their workplace emotions

GETTY Let it all out: It’s much healthier than bottling up how you feel “But it can be a way we express anger, frustration, passion or sadness. We shouldn’t mute all of that.” In fact, in her new tell-all book Dear Madam President, Palmieri reveals that the Clinton press office was dubbed the “crying room” […]

‘It’s all just starting’: 15yo PyeongChang champ Zagitova about emotions, plans & critics

Russian figure skating star Alina Zagitova, in an exclusive interview after her PyeongChang triumph, tells RT she hasn’t yet fully realized she’s an Olympic champion and that she plans to delight her fans for many more seasons. RT: Alina, thank you very much for this opportunity, it is a great honor. You’re 15 and you’re an […]

Paracetamol warning: Over-the-counter painkillers ‘can influence emotions’

POPULAR over the counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol can interfere with our thoughts and emotions, according to “alarming” new research. The study showed that popular pain medications may influence how people process information, experience hurt feelings, and react to emotionally evocative images.

Building wealth starts with out-thinking your emotions — here are 5 mental traps standing in your way

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty “Dollars and Sense,” by behavioral economist Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler explains that people tend to approach money irrationally. But to build wealth, we have to out-think our emotions. To do it, we have to be aware of psychological pitfalls like “opportunity costs” and the “endowment effect.” Saving money is notoriously harder than […]

A Mortician’s Tale Runs Players Through The Emotions & Business Of Funeral Home Management

A Mortician’s Tale looks to give players the full experience, emotionally and business-wise, of running a funeral home, having them embalm bodies with realistic tools, carry out cremations, and speak with the deceased’s loved ones. Players will be working with Charlie, a funeral direction graduate who has taken a job with Rose and Daughters Funeral […]

The prevalence of AI-powered IoT devices inspires mixed emotions

GUEST: The Internet of Things continues to slowly change the world. It integrates with numerous industries and can be found in many homes around the world. Research firms like Gartner and the International Data Corporation (IDC) also predict monumental growth in terms of connected devices and profits. Its rising position, however, may not be wholly […]

Ticats' fans attend Labour Day Classic with mixed emotions

It’s been one week since the Hamilton Tiger-Cats hired disgraced Baylor University head coach Art Briles and fans attending Monday’s Labour Day Classic are still fuming — even though the decision was quickly reversed. “It hasn’t felt right all week. I appreciate they’ve recognized it’s a mistake and [they] tried to move past it, but it […]

Sacred Fire is an RPG where combat is dictated by emotions and psychology, rather than weapons, atta

Sacred Fire is an RPG where combat is dictated by emotions and psychology, rather than weapons, attacks, or damage types. Anger might make you strong, but it’ll leave you open to a punishing riposte. Fear can turn enemies into a shell of their normal selves, but it can leave you quaking too. The game is […]