A deleted ‘Star Wars’ scene that featured Prince William, Prince Harry, and Tom Hardy as stormtroopers has finally emerged — watch it here

YouTube/THE STORY OF STAR WARS Princes William and Harry secretly filmed cameo scenes for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in 2016. But it emerged last year that the scenes had been cut from the film. At over 6 foot, the brothers make abnormally tall stormtroopers. The deleted scene has now emerged on YouTube, and it […]

More clues about the mysterious deaths of a Toronto billionaire couple have emerged

Chris Helgren/Reuters Toronto police are now investigating billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur Barry Sherman and his wife’s deaths as a double homicide. The couple died of strangulation by hanging in their home in December. There is so far no evidence of forced entry. There had been speculation in the media that Sherman had murdered his wife before […]

The James Webb telescope has emerged from the freezer

NASA After spending three months at a temperature of just 20°C above absolute zero, the massive James Webb Space Telescope emerged from a large vacuum chamber at the end of 2017. Now, after reviewing data from testing done there, scientists have given the instrument a clean bill of health, moving it one step closer to […]

Six People Just Completed A NASA Isolation Experiment And Emerged To The Dumpster Fire That Is 2017

The eight-month study, known as the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, was the fifth of its kind, funded by NASA and run through the University of Hawaii. Still, Ehrlich said, “it’s weird—you’re living inside this habitat for eight months.” “So you’ve basically been in a place for three-quarters of a year, and you come […]

The Defenders Recap: Who Emerged as the All-Stars of TV's Marvel Team-Up?

Did one of Netflix’s superhero series just come crashing to a halt? Marvel’s The Defenders released all eight episodes on Friday morning, slowly but surely uniting Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand in a case to keep the ominous global organization known as The Hand from making New York the latest city […]

UBS analyzed 120,000 reviews of Chipotle — and a troubling trend emerged (CMG)

Hollis Johnson Chipotle’s online ratings are plummeting to “historic lows,” according to a report by UBS.  It’s not unusual for ratings to drop after a food-safety scare like the norovirus outbreak at the Chipotle in Sterling, Virginia, last month. But the decline started months before the recent food-safety scare, according to UBS’ analysis of 120,000 online reviews […]

The Creature From the Black Lagoon Remake Has Emerged From the Murky Depths With a Screenwriter

Image via screen grab The dreaded day is here. There’s momentum building on the long-rumored Creature From the Black Lagoon remake, the one Universal Horror title we hoped against hope would slink unbothered along the muddy bottom of the studio’s shiny new shared universe starring its classic monsters. Advertisement But it was inevitable, really, that […]

Complex Life May Have Emerged on Earth Much Earlier Than We Thought

X-ray image of the thread-like fossilized algae. (Image: Stafan Bengtson) Swedish researchers say they’ve discovered traces of ancient red algae preserved in sedimentary rock dating back 1.6 billion years, making them the oldest plant-like fossils ever found. The discovery shows that complex multicellular life appeared in Earth’s history much earlier than previously thought. Two kinds […]