Squishy, Soft, Soothing – How Softness Infused All Elements Of Semblance’s Design

Semblance takes players to a soft, soothing, squishy world, one they can deform in order to solve its platforming puzzles and to explore the environments in their own ways. With a hard thump from their blobby character, players can create indents that can be used as platforms, adjust the terrain to get around hazards, and […]

James Bond 007 Elements TRAILER: Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld is BACK – WATCH

While James Bond fans await news on Daniel Craig’s fifth and final movie, the first trailer for 007 Elements gives a closer look at the upcoming cinematic installation. Inspired by Spectre, the fan experience was built inside the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, Austria – where the film and others in the franchise […]

Prince Charles’ official title has 18 separate elements — here’s what each part of it actually means

Getty Images Prince Charles’ title has 18 separate elements, and takes up three lines of text. It is a mixture of honours, titles, and ceremonial roles. Scroll down for an explanation of each individual part, and its history. British royalty have a lot going on in their full titles — as well as having more […]

JOHNNY BALL: My Six Best Books – The Ascent of Man, The Elements and more

THE INVENTION OF NATURE by Andrea Wulf  John Murray, £10.99  This won the Royal Society science book of the year award and it’s the story of Alexander von Humboldt.  Darwin did his voyage with The Beagle because Humboldt had done it.  It was Humboldt who discovered plants grow at different levels on mountains. It’s the […]

James Bond news: 007 Elements announced – But what exactly is it?

At first glance James Bond fans might think Elements is the title of the 25th official 007 movie But don’t be fooled, 007 Elements: A James Bond cinematic installation is a new experience for fans that will open this winter. Built inside the summit of the Gaislachkogl Mountain in Solden, Austria, 007 Elements will focus […]

The ‘It’ Sequel Will Explore the Novel’s More ‘Transdimensional’ Elements

It may seem silly to talk about a movie’s sequel before the first one is even in theaters, but Andy Muschietti‘s adaptation of It demands the conversation. Stephen King‘s massive novel was divided in half for the film adaptation and the scenes that take place 30 years after the “Losers’ Club” battle Pennywise the Clown (and […]

US officials reportedly confirm elements of Russia dossier that targeted Trump

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Some elements of an explosive dossier containing salacious details about President Donald Trump, compiled while he was a candidate in the US presidential election, appear to have been corroborated, CNN reported on Friday. According to several US law-enforcement and intelligence officials cited by CNN, the corroborated information is related to conversations between Russian […]