The Elder Scrolls Legends and card master Pete Hines face the dragon

Daenerys Targaryen wishes her dragons had an iota of the power that my draconic minions show in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Of course my wyrms are beefy and fiery and soar over the battlefield. But they also make my foes quake in fear, reducing their power or shackling them to the battlefield upon which they stand. […]

Howard Phillips Lovecar Involves Racin’, Shootin’, Elder Horrorin’

Cultists be up to no good, but you’ve got a full tank of gas in your beater car and a shotgun loaded with buckshot. It’s time to show those elder ones who’s boss in Howard Phillips Lovecar, a fast-paced racer/shooter where you have to smear and blast cultists and evil deities in a hurry. Howard […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Director talks new classes and Morrowind’s months of gameplay

The Elder Scrolls Online originally launched back in April 2014 for PC and Mac, before expanding onto both the Xbox One and PS4. It’s a game that has dabbled with different pay schemes before settling on the Tamriel Unlimited ESO Plus system which grants access to all current and future downloadable content. And the popular […]

Starfield Bethesda: The weirdest E3 2017 Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls 6 rumour so far?

As rumours go, there’s a lot to be said about a grain of truth being found. Many are sometimes faked but based on existing reports to give them some kind of credibility. Others reveal themselves to be real but out-of-date, meaning that they don’t stack up as they should. But this latest rumour from an […]

Elder scrolls Online Morrowind: ESO veterans can grab big advantage over their new rivals

And for those ESO veterans that are itching to get playing, there is a way to return to Vvardenfell before the competition. Bethesda have announced that existing PC and Mac ESO players who purchase the digital upgrade version or the Physical Collector’s Edition of ESO: Morrowind will have the option to begin their adventures starting […]

Elder brother of suspected organizer behind St. Petersburg Metro bombing detained – FSB

Published time: 19 Apr, 2017 15:40Edited time: 19 Apr, 2017 15:50 Russia’s security services have detained Akram Azimov, the elder brother of the suspected St. Petersburg Metro bombing organizer, saying he transferred money that helped fund the terrorist attack that killed 14 people. Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT – Daily news

Elder Scrolls: Legends launches first BIG Bethesda expansion

The Elder Scrolls Legends is currently only available on certain devices, with Bethesda planning big summer launches for the likes of Android. Elder Scrolls Legends is set to make the jump to Android and iOS platforms later this year, bringing strategic card play to both iPhones and Android phones.  More information, including the launch date, […]

Elder Scrolls Online UPDATE: New ESO content arrives for PS4 and Xbox One fans

The Elder Scrolls Online update includes the Homestead expansion, which made its debut on PC earlier this year. The new ESO patch weighs in at over 20 GB on consoles and provides additional gameplay improvements and bug fixes. There are now 39 unique homes to choose from, which comes with a Housing Editor tools and […]