Nothing to see here, just python eating pigeon on London street  (VIDEO)

A video of a python dining on a pigeon in the middle of a busy London street has gone viral, while it still remains a mystery where did the hungry snake come from. The footage was shot on Leytonstone High Road early on Saturday and uploaded to a Facebook group dedicated to strange and weird […]

More than 400 people say they got sick after eating at a Chipotle restaurant that was shut down on Monday (CMG)

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Chipotle closed a restaurant in Powell, Ohio, on Monday following reports that customers got sick after eating there. The local health department told Business Insider that it had received 518 calls and emails related to the possible illness outbreak. A total of 418 people said they fell ill after eating at the […]

A former Chobani exec developing a line of sci-fi-inspired foods says these are the things we could be eating in 2043

George Rudy / Shutterstock Alpha Food Labs, a New York-based company that makes prototypes of future supermarket staples, has a new list of “concept foods” its team is incubating. If Alpha is successful, we could soon be munching on lab-grown burgers, genetically modified chips, and 30 other sci-fi inspired snacks. The following five foods are all […]

Scientists revived tiny Siberian worms that had been frozen in permafrost for 42,000 years — and they started moving and eating

Agricultural Research Service/ Wikimedia Commons Russian scientists have revived tiny worms that had been frozen for 42,000 years. After being removed from Siberian permafrost, the worms were gradually thawed in a lab until they started moving around and consuming food. The scientists say their findings could have implications for astrobiology and cryomedicine.  A group of […]

Weight loss: How eating cold potatoes could help you shed pounds FAST – proven diet tip

Weight loss diets and potatoes are often not heard in the same sentence. In fact, a high percentage of dieters ween themselves off carbohydrates entirely when trying to lose weight. But this can lead to snacking and weight gain in the end. In the name of eating a healthy, balanced diet and making lifestyle changes, […]

Everything you need to know about eating at the Disney parks with a nut allergy

Matt Sedensky/AP Navigating any dining experience with food allergies is challenging, but Disney wants to make it as easy as possible for guests to safely eat in the parks. If you’ve got a nut allergy, you know just how frustrating it can be to find safe options wherever you go — especially when you’re traveling. […]

How to live longer: Eating turmeric daily is the key to longevity – but how much?

A longer life can be achieved through some simple lifestyle changes, according to health experts. Quitting smoking can cut your risk of dying from cancer related to smoking and slash your risk of stroke. And alongside exercise, the NHS, says eating a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to helping you live longer, and one food […]

How to live longer: Eating turmeric daily is the key to longevity – but how much?

HOW TO live longer is a question many people as they get older wish they knew the answer to. Making sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet is just one of the ways to achieve longevity. One particular food you should enjoy on a daily basis is turmeric – well-known for its health benefits – […]

Diabetes: Eating 10 jelly beans could help you maintain blood sugar levels

Diabetes type 1 sufferers could eat some jelly beans to stop blood sugar levels getting too low, a diabetes doctor has revealed. Dr David Cavan, writing in his book ‘Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes’, said munching 10 of the sugar-rich morsels would be enough to sufficiently raise blood sugar levels. “In order to increase […]