‘The Layover’ Trailer: Kate Upton & Alexandra Daddario Stupidly Fight Over a Dude

If you thought we’d gotten past the point where romantic comedies were about two women throwing away their friendship just so they can hook up with a hot guy while on vacation, think again. The Layover follows two best friends, Alexandra Daddario of San Andreas and Kate Upton of The Other Woman, as they run […]

No, Twitter won’t add an edit button if you retweet some dude

It’s a strange age when one person can retweet their way to a lifetime of free Wendy’s nuggets, but some social media messages just can’t be amplified into making change. Especially when they’re fake. In case there was any doubt, Twitter has confirmed that the supposed screenshot promising an ‘edit tweet’ function if a message […]

Dude, where’s my car? Check out the best Android car apps

You can find Android apps for absolutely everything these days, so why not for driving? The field of car-related apps is really revving up, and there are plenty of great Android car apps for the user on the go. Here’s where the rubber meets the road — these are the best Android driving apps for getting the most […]

Dude, Where’s My Ear? Battle Brothers Leaves Early Access

Battle Brothers is like a turn-based Mount & Blade, except someone ate all the horses and now everyone hates everyone else. Cue lots of hacking and slashing and various limbs being chopped off. In other words: a pretty good time all around. Leading a group of mercenaries through a procedurally generated low fantasy world, you’ll […]

‘Dude, you’re a f****** bully. All you do is talk s***’

Video Image McGregor focused in on boxing0:50 UFC: Conor McGregor has posted a training video, concentrating mainly on his boxing technique. February 22nd 2017 4 days ago /video/video.news.com.au/Sport/More Sports/ Plenty of trash talk ahead of UFC 209. Damon Martin, Fox Sports USFOX SPORTS Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on […]