2nd woman accuses Kavanaugh of sex abuse, urges FBI to probe 35yo ‘drunken dorm party’ incident

As the professor who accused the US Supreme Court nominee of sexual abuse is set to testify on her claims, Senate Democrats are investigating yet another “credible allegation” about Brett Kavanaugh’s misconduct while in college. The new allegation has been made by Deborah Ramirez, who claimed that Kavanaugh exposed his genitals in her face during […]

11 killed as drunken captain crashes twin-hull boat into barge on Volga River (VIDEO)

The captain, who crashed his twin-hull boat into a barge on the Volga River, was drunk at the time of the deadly accident, Russia’s Investigative Committee said. The man and ten of his passengers died in the crash. The incident happened late on Monday, with a barge crushing into a twin-hull boat near the river […]

Airport news: Duty-free alcohol to be sealed in bags as drunken passenger arrests soar

Airports are bringing in a number of new regulations in a bid to stop passengers boarding flights inebriated. Drunken passenger arrests have soared in recent years, with over 400 disruptions reported by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) last year, with many are not reported. They have reportedly soared by 50 per cent with some airlines […]

Romanian police fine 5 US sailors after drunken brawl over unpaid bar tab

The US Navy has launched a probe after a group of its sailors were detained and fined following a dispute and a brawl with security guards at a nightclub in the town of Craiova, Romania. A group of seven sailors, based at a US missile defense facility in the southern Romanian town of Deveselu, reportedly […]

Piste off police: Canadian skier arrested for drunken car theft at Winter Olympics

Taking part in the Olympics is undoubtedly exciting, but one group of Canadians went a little too far. A Canadian athlete, his coach, and wife were arrested after getting drunk and stealing a car. After days of competition and gruelling training sessions, David Duncan was caught in a stolen car near the athletes’ village, along […]

Kiri’s Sarah Lancashire reveals the detail you missed from THAT drunken vomit scene

Young girl Kiri was on an unsupervised visit to her grandparents when she went missing and was later found dead.  Miriam (played by Sarah Lancashire) immediately found herself at the heart of the investigation, with her superiors questioning why Kiri had been left alone.  As Kiri’s death made national news, the attention from the media […]

Real wish or drunken regret? A “Do Not Resuscitate” tattoo throws doctors

It’s well known that patients struggle to clearly communicate their end-of-life wishes to those calling the shots at critical moments—generally doctors and family members. But, in case anyone was wondering, tattooing your wishes onto your body does not clear things up. Emergency medicine doctors in Florida struggled to figure out how to respectfully care for […]

PASSENGER BAN: Airlines to create ‘no fly’ list as drunken arrests SOAR

Airlines are to create “no fly” lists for unruly passengers who disrupt flights. The central government in India are the first country to implement the list to prevent flight attendants being attacked and flights being delayed. The list has three levels to determine how long the passenger will be banned from flying for. With the […]

I’m a funeral director — screaming fights, drunken propositions, and blasting Nirvana are all part of my job

Six Feet Under/HBO For something that literally happens to everyone, death is a remarkably taboo subject in American culture. It makes some sense, though. Who wants to think about the lights going off permanently, let alone deal with the actual logistics of dying? That’s why I’m here. I’m a funeral director. I help you with […]

Drunken passengers are CHEERED at after they're removed from a diverted flight

Two women caused a plane to be diverted after abusing fellow passengers and disrupting the flight. The drunken passengers were removed after the plane had to land elsewhere. The flight from Manchester was meant to be a direct flight to Turkey but was forced to land in London Stansted. The flight took off at 3pm […]