Tesla 'haters' use drones and Twitter to pressure Elon Musk

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Earnings/Financials,Government/Legal,Green,Tesla,Electric,Luxury “No short-seller is preventing Elon from building cars.” Continue reading Tesla ‘haters’ use drones and Twitter to pressure Elon Musk Tesla ‘haters’ use drones and Twitter to pressure Elon Musk originally appeared on Autoblog on Sun, 02 Sep 2018 11:55:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use […]

WWII relics & cutting-edge US drones: Spoils of Syrian war displayed in Russia (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Weaponry captured from militants during the anti-terrorism campaign in Syria has been put on display in Russia. RT highlights the most peculiar trophies, which range from WWII relics to modern drones, used by US special ops. The weapons have been put on display at the Army-2018 forum, which is being held outside Moscow near the […]

Autonomous drones will help stop illegal fishing in Africa

Drones aren’t just cracking down on land-based poaching in Africa — ATLAN Space is launching a pilot that will use autonomous drones to report illegal fishing in the Seychelles islands. The fliers will use computer vision to identify both the nature of boats in protected waters as well as their authorization. If they detect illegal […]

Autonomous drones can herd birds away from airports

Drones aren’t usually allowed to go near airports unless they serve a purpose, like herding flocks of birds away from the airspace where they could put planes full of people in jeopardy. Manually controlled drones can be unreliable, though: If the operator gets too aggressive and spooks the birds, the flock could scatter and become […]

Venezuelan authorities say drones detonated near President Maduro during a speech, but firefighters at the scene say it was just a gas tank explosion

Efecto Cocuyo/Twitter Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro cut a speech short on Saturday after a loud noise kicked off panic in the crowd. Maduro is safe, officials say. Soldiers at the event were seen running out of formation in a video shared online. Venezuela’s government is saying the loud noise was from an attempted attack on […]

An Aerial View of the Future – Drones in Construction [INFOGRAPHICS]

  Article was originally published at Roof Stores. There is an aerial revolution happening across the globe. Drones have emerged as a highly viable commercial tool with applications in numerous sectors, most notably, construction. This isn’t surprising, as their benefits range from on-site safety to a level of project monitoring which wasn’t previously possible. A […]

How various industries are taking advantage of drones to increase efficiency and cut costs

Drones — also commonly referred to as unmanned aircraft — are no longer a cool, new novelty that companies in only a handful of industries are testing. Businesses across various industries and levels of government in the US are utilizing at least a handful of drones. But more importantly, drone users are now realizing a […]

Proposed law would give DHS power to seize and destroy drones

The Senate is currently considering a bill that would give the Department of Homeland Security more power to research, surveil, seize and destroy drones flying in the US, Gizmodo reports. Yesterday during a hearing, DHS officials expressed support for the bipartisan legislation, saying current laws prevent the agency from effectively mitigating the potential threats presented […]