How a ‘harmless’ driving offence could see you risk a prison sentence

Motorists are being warned that flouting a seemingly innocuous driving rule could land them a prison sentence.  Lying about the person who committed a driving offence and taking the penalty points for someone else is illegal can land the people involved in serious trouble.  A recent study revealed that one in five motorists surveyed had […]

Little-known driving law could see you fined £200 for using a phone in the passenger seat

UK drivers could be fined £200 and land six penalty points for using this phone in the passenger seat of the car. While the phone driving laws in the UK are well publicised, many motorists won’t be aware that they could also be penalised when not driving. If you are supervising learner river from the […]

Driving Miss Dianne: Senator Feinstein employed Chinese spy for 20 years

When told that her driver of 20 years was a spy for China, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) was reportedly ‘mortified.’ The staffer was fired and the whole thing quietly swept under the rug – until now. Buried deep in a recent Politico story about alleged Russian spying in Silicon Valley was the revelation that a […]

Van and lorry drivers soon face paying up to £100 a day to driving into cities, here’s why

A new Government proposal could see van and lorry drivers face paying hefty fees to enter cities in a crackdown on air pollution. The Government is set to introduce a number of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) which will charge drivers of the oldest and most polluting cars entering town centres and cities. While car owners […]

The hidden danger while driving on a hot day that could cause health problems

Across the UK, motorists are unaware that they could be giving themselves sun damage while driving.  New research has revealed how drivers could be at risk and that you’re more likely to be damaged on the right-hand side as it is the most exposed to the sun. An experiment conducted by and skin cancer charity Melanoma […]

School run BAN – Parents could be banned from driving children to school in the UK

The school run could be banned for thousands of parents across the country. Thousands of schools across the UK in towns and cities including in Manchester, London, Ellesmere Port and Edinburgh, have banned parents, or introduced deterrents, to stop them using their cars, reported the Guardian. Measures to close the school run off to cars […]

Audi’s latest infotainment system is a smarter driving companion

“Does the glass move or is the haptic feedback tricking my brain?” Sometimes you have to ask dumb questions. I was 99 percent sure Audi’s updated MMI infotainment system was creating the illusion that the display moved when I pressed it. But, you have to ask questions just in case. I was informed that the […]

Motorway driving law – Can you be fined for getting out of your car during a traffic jam?

Motorways in the UK are prone to congestion and traffic jams especially during peak times or when there has been a serious accident. Certain accidents or incidents that occur on motorways on the road could cause traffic to standstill for hours. Sitting in a hot car for hours while you wait until the road reopens […]

Mitsubishi hopes you'll trade driving data for a cheaper oil change

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