Majorca and Ibiza to BAN tourists from driving petrol and diesel cars on the island

Majorca and Ibiza are two popular holiday destinations in the Balearic islands for British tourists. Those wanting some guaranteed good weather and cheap prices often choose to head to them during their summer for an affordable family holiday. Yet the islands have announced plans to ban tourists from driving diesel and petrol cars on the […]

Driving from the Middle of the Car Is About to Make a Comeback: Here Are the Pros and Cons

– Twenty years after production of the coveted F1 supercar ended, McLaren will again put drivers in the center seat with its new $ 2 million-plus grand tourer codenamed BP23. The British racing specialists weren’t the first to literally put their customers at the center of their work, but McLaren became synonymous with the central […]

Driving a 1972 Ford station wagon from Berlin to a Finnish ice-racing course

I didn’t visit Berlin just to get some excellent döner kebab, but it was part of why I boarded a plane in late January and landed at the Schönefeld airport south of the city. The other part had to do with an ice track weekend in Northern Finland, and a daily-driven 1972 Ford Country Sedan […]

Distracted driving: Everyone hates it, but most of us do it, study finds

Enlarge Insurance company Esurance has a new study out on distracted driving, and it makes for interesting reading. Almost everyone agrees distracted driving is bad, yet it’s still remarkably prevalent. Even drivers who report rarely driving distracted also report that they engage in distracting behaviors. The study also raises some questions about the growing complexity […]

Driving the Sky: Flying Cars Are Back, But They’re Still a Long Shot

– Flying cars used to be not much more than Ford Pintos with wings. Now they’re “sky taxis” and “roadable aircraft” and a hundred other cute names that promise the dream of streaking over traffic instead of crawling through it. They’re ideas that never result in much but just won’t die, and the rise of […]

Take a break! Uber drivers must rest 6 hours after driving 12

Enlarge (credit: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images) In a new update to its app announced Monday, Uber drivers will now be forced to take a six-hour break after a total of 12 hours of driving time. Drivers will not be able to accept new riders during that rest period. In a blog post, the company […]

Ranger Danger: Ford Warns Owners of 2006 Ranger to Stop Driving Due to High-Risk Takata Airbags

– Owners of 2006 Ford Ranger and Mazda B-series pickups are at such high risk of their Takata airbags exploding and potentially killing them even in a minor accident that they should “immediately” stop driving them, according to the automakers. – More than 32,000 additional vehicles are being recalled to replace both the driver and passenger […]

Balance Risk, Rewards, And Reckless Driving In Procedural Freerider Descenders

Newly-released downhill biking game Descenders sends you hurtling down a mountain at breakneck speeds. This is incredibly reckless, highly dangerous, and more than a little frightening – and you’ll probably love every second of it. The tracks in Descenders are randomly generated and you can always pick between three tracks with different traits. If you […]

The most fun on three wheels? Try driving a tuk-tuk through Sri Lanka

Share this article More tourists are visiting Sri Lanka than ever before. But if you want to dodge the crowds, you could always sign up for a 10-day, 1000-mile self-drive tuk-tuk rally. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s a Monday afternoon and I’m watching my brother, Matt, have a mild nervous breakdown. We’re lost […]