Anti-immigrant PEGIDA celebrates 3rd anniversary confronted by counter-protest in Dresden (VIDEOS)

Around 2,800 far-right PEGIDA activists gathered in the German city of Dresden to mark the group’s third anniversary. They were met by counter-demonstration of liberal activists who gathered under the motto “Dresden without racism.” Bad weather prevented thousands of people attending PEGIDA’s ( Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) celebration. Instead of the […]

2 injured in mass brawl involving ‘North African/Arab’ looking persons in Dresden

Published time: 30 Jul, 2017 15:46 At least two people, a Syrian teenager among them, were injured in a brawl involving about 70 troublemakers in Dresden, Germany, according to reports, citing police. Most of those involved in the incident “apparently come from the North African/Arab region,” police said, as quoted by DPA.  Local residents reportedly […]

Pegida activists stage protest over €60K ‘trash art’ monument in Dresden (VIDEO)

Published time: 26 Apr, 2017 15:48 A sculpture worth €60,000 ($ 65,000), meant to symbolize diversity and complexity in the modern world, has caused a furor among activists from the Pegida movement in Dresden, eastern Germany. The ‘Monument for a Permanent New Beginning’ from a pair of Hamburg artists, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, was […]

‘Everything within 400 yards was incinerated’: Dresden survivor recalls hellish WWII attack (PHOTOS)

British World War II veteran Victor Gregg might not be alive today were it not for the Allied bombardment of Dresden. But the now-97 year old finds it difficult to reconcile the hellish events of February 13, 1945 with victory. On that night, around 800 Allied aircraft filled the air above Dresden and proceeded to […]