Kim Dotcom’s ‘gift to Hollywood’: Bitcoin-based file-sharing platform set for launch

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has unveiled his new file-sharing service,, which will allow uploaders to get paid for content through a bitcoin-based payment service – Bitcache. The new services are being pitched by the internet entrepreneur as a possible “solution to piracy” and the start of a “copyright revolution.” & Bitcache were designed […]

NZ spy agency op against Kim Dotcom’s associates ‘unlawful’ – High Court docs

Newly-released New Zealand High Court documents reveal that the Kiwi agency’s spying on foreigners in the FBI-led Megaupload investigation was found to be unlawful. Kim Dotcom team’s lawyers argue the illegal spying makes the entire extradition case void. Lawyers for the Megaupload executives, including Megaupload founder Dotcom, on Friday called for extradition proceeding against their […]

Feds ask Supreme Court to uphold seizure of Kim Dotcom’s millions

Enlarge (credit: Sam Churchill) The Kim Dotcom-Megaupload saga seems like it will never end. Five years have passed since the flamboyant Dotcom’s indictment and arrest in New Zealand on US criminal copyright infringement charges. He’s wanted in the US in connection to the Megaupload file-sharing service he controlled before the US shuttered it in 2012. […]