Vitamin D: Regular doses could lower your risk of cancer

The sunshine vitamin is made by the skin in response to sunlight helping to top up calcium levels in the body to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. Although the benefits on bone diseases are well known a new study suggests it could also play a protective role on other chronic diseases, including some cancers. […]

Alcohol doses ‘through the roof’: Popular, potent alcoholic drinks landing Quebec young people in ER

Seven years after the U.S. makers of Four Loko, an alcoholic, sugary, flavoured malt drink, reformulated the beverage following a spate of alcohol poisonings, a Quebec company has launched a similar product called FCKD UP — and it has a Montreal emergency room physician concerned. CBC | Health News

High doses of VITAMIN C can help fight CANCER by attacking tumours, says new study

The tumours are then made easier to treat using radiation or chemotherapy. And side-effects are minimal – a dry mouth and more frequent bathroom trips. Vitamin C, found naturally in fruit and vegetables, is absorbed by cells where it breaks down into hydrogen peroxide, which is capable of damaging body tissue. The US researchers injected […]

LSD Benefits? Author Claims LSD Micro Doses Saved Her Life And Family

Stories about lysergic acid diethylamide’s (LSD) benefits have long been touted in the scientific research community studying psychedelics, but the story of one well-known author’s use of LSD, according to the San Jose Mercury, has become an anecdote for the benefits of using the chemical she states gave her relief from “crippling depression that had […]