Should Everyone Be Required to Be Organ Donors? We Asked, You Answered

Last week, we asked: Should everyone be required to be organ donors? You answered, and here are your thoughts, edited for clarity. Jonathan Williams The answer to this question hinges upon the profound question of whether individual freedom trumps the common good. There is little room for debate about whether organs are needed by many […]

Dark money secrets: NRA, Planned Parenthood & others can now conceal donors

Great news for the NRA and other non-profits looking to hide their influence on US democracy: Dark money political organizations will no longer have to disclose where their money is coming from, the Treasury Department announced. The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Monday that politically active nonprofit groups like the NRA and […]

Michael Avenatti reportedly sought financial help from major Democratic donors to fight Trump

Spencer Platt/Getty Images Porn star Stormy Daniels’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, sought financial help from Democrats in his battle with President Donald Trump, The New York Times reported Friday. The Times reported that the efforts did not lead to any financial help. Daniels has crowd funded more than $ 528,000 for her cause. Avenatti told The […]

Theresa May faces fresh revolt as Tory donors and MPs call for her resignation

Theresa May is facing a donors’ revolt and growing pressure to leave Downing Street as soon as the outline of a trade deal is negotiated with the EU this autumn. The PM’s Brexit strategy is under attack from all sides. Discontent with UK Prime Minister Theresa May among the Tories’ financial backers reportedly boiled over […]