2026 World Cup: What we know (and don't know) about Canada's role as co-host

The world's biggest soccer event is coming to Canada. On Wednesday, Canada, the United States and Mexico won the right to co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which will mark the first time ever that men's World Cup matches will be played in Canada. But how many exactly? Will the Canadian men's national team actually get […]

England players go to extreme measures to ensure they don't miss Love Island in Russia

The England squad land in Russia for the World Cup this afternoon ahead of their first game against Tunisia on Monday. And, as a special request, they’ve asked to have English language TV channels in their hotel. Sky Sports have sorted it for them so they can get four English channels in their rooms. They […]

Jets don't miss a beat to give Winnipeg well-deserved win

They faced the Game 7 music, in of all places Music City, and came away singing a sweet melody of success. Sure the Winnipeg Jets and their loud and loyal supporters felt that they had a chance to steal the final game of this wonderful second-round series against the Presidents' Trophy-winning Nashville Predators on Thursday. […]

Outlander's David Berry on John's Desire for Jamie: 'You Don't Need Much Direction to Look at Sam Lovingly'

If discretion is the better part of valor, Outlander‘s David Berry deserves some kind of medal for our recent chat. The Australian actor portrays the Starz historical drama’s Lord John Grey, an earnest British soldier and closeted gay man who — like many characters in the drama — quietly yearns for James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, […]

19 German Stereotypes That Don't Make Sense To The Rest Of The World

German donuts. Depending on where you are in Germany, you might start a war by just calling them the wrong name. Whilst most Germans say “Berliner” (in the North) or “Krapfen” (in the South), people in Berlin actually say “Pfannkuchen”, which means “pancake” in the rest of Germany … yes, it’s complicated! Let’s block ads! […]

Don't Let Roseanne (or Anyone) Paint Flyover Country All One Color

Pooja Bhatia is OZY’s former deputy editor. Her column, The Long Arc, weaves together the threads of politics, culture and history. Ten days after the 2016 election, also-ran Ted Cruz proclaimed the result the “revenge of flyover country.” He didn’t spell it out, but we knew what he meant: The hicks and hillbillies of Middle […]

'I don't watch anything I'm in' but Bill Nighy looks forward to Ordeal By Innocence

“I don’t watch anything I’m in,” reveals the Love Actually star, who’s gearing up not to sit down and enjoy the new Agatha Christie three-parter, Ordeal By Innocence, that he stars in. Nighy’s reticence to watch his performances began with his first appearance on television in the late-1960s police show Softly, Softly. “I actually robbed […]

The Americans Season Premiere Recap: Don't Dream It's (Almost) Over

The final season of FX’s The Americans is here… and we’re already worried about who’ll be left standing when the series ends. When Wednesday’s Season 6 premiere opens — with a killer montage set to the Crowded House classic “Don’t Dream It’s Over” — we’ve jumped forward three years to the fall of 1987, and […]