Media more to blame for dividing US than Trump, new poll suggests

Since he became president, many in the media have blamed Donald Trump for stoking division in the United States, but a new poll shows that while many agree that Trump deserves blame, more point the finger at the media itself. The Politico/Morning Consult poll, released on Thursday, showed that 56 percent of Americans felt Trump […]

Weather Channel mixed reality video blurs the line dividing CGI and real news

With “fake news” on the rise and trust in journalism on the decline, this probably wasn’t the best time for the Weather Channel to demonstrate how “immersive mixed reality technology” will shape the vast majority of its upcoming broadcasts. But as an example of how CGI and augmented reality may shape the future of news…Read More

The Question Dividing California's Democrats

As Dave Min, running in one of the most pivotal congressional races in the country next year, chats with voters around Orange County, California, health care is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. While many want nothing less than a single-payer federal plan, as proposed by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, “I don’t see consensus around […]

The Tax Break Dividing the Republican Party

There are few more-prized constituencies in American politics than small businesses, those emblems and underdogs of Main Street U.S.A. that are, as any seasoned officeholder will describe, “the backbone” of the nation’s economy. And for Republicans trying to sell the public on the job-creating potential of a once-in-a-generation tax overhaul, there may be no handier […]

How many triangles are in this picture? Brain teaser DIVIDING the web, can you solve it?

Quora is a hive of activity day-in, day-out. But today especially there is a hubbub around the social site after one user posed a simple question.  A user posted a yellow and pink picture of a triable split into sections with just six lines.  Simple to count and work out how many triangles there are, […]