Trump hijacks ‘Yellow vest’ protest to praise himself for ditching Paris climate deal

President Donald Trump has used clashes over fuel tax hikes gripping France to hail his move to quit the Paris climate accord, saying he was “glad” that French President Emmanuel Macron and the ‘yellow vests’ agreed it was doomed. The US president has yet again referred to the massive French protests over a planned rise […]

Porsche is Officially Ditching Diesel

Porsche will quit offering diesel powertrains for its cars and light trucks, effectively adding another nail to the fuel’s coffin. Following Volkswagen Group’s emission’s fiasco in the United States, which included Porsche, Europe has become increasingly critical of diesel-engined vehicles. Citywide bans have have been proposed throughout the region and, as of February, Porsche suspended […]

China ditching US coal imports for domestic supply in trade tariff tit-for-tat

Washington trade tariffs against Beijing appear to be backfiring on the US coal industry, as Chinese importers are finding new domestic alternatives to soften the blow. “We have completely stopped US metallurgical coal (imports), which is popular among steel mills, in late July. There is too much uncertainty in trade,” a senior manager at a […]

‘The CIA is listening & may kill me’: Duterte mulls ditching his smartphone

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is thinking of dumping his smartphone over fears that the CIA is constantly eavesdropping on his conversations and might use his private information to eventually assassinate him. “I know, the US is listening. I’m sure it’s the CIA, it’s also the one who will kill me,” Duterte said in Cebu City […]

UK officials show contempt for what voters love by ditching World Cup in Russia – John Pilger

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger has blasted British politicians for refusing to attend World Cup matches in Russia, as the national team makes a historic run in the tournament. “Not a single UK official was in the stadium to see England’s magnificent win v Sweden,” Pilger, whose documentary work earned him many prestigious awards, […]

Weight loss: Best fat loss diet techniques revealed including ditching this food

Weight loss diet techniques can help you lose those stubborn pounds before summer. How to lose fat is on of the biggest questions British dieters ask. Now an expert has revealed their best techniques to lose fat, including getting rid of one type of food. Karen Beck has told Women’s Health that simply removing your […]

Weight loss: Mum sheds almost HALF her body after ditching her crisp addiction

HOTSPOT MEDIA Mum Kellie White lost half her body weight But, after getting stuck in a fairground ride due to her size, she realised she needed to ditch the junk food after her eating had spiralled out of control. In April 2014, she underwent a gastric bypass operation and now Kellie has shed 9st and […]

Porsche exec throws cold water on ditching diesel

They’re out, they’re back in. Following a report a week ago that Porsche was planning to discontinue production of all its diesel vehicles, the brand’s head of sales and marketing tells Automotive News that Porsche expects to launch a diesel version of the Cayenne in 2018 and maybe even the Macan crossover. “We’re not saying […]

Airlines are ditching seatback screens and making you use your phone to watch movies (DAL, AAL, UAL, ALK)

Shutterstock Airlines are beginning to remove seatback screens from aircraft. They’re doing this because travelers are increasingly favoring laptops, phones, and tablets to seatback screens, which are expensive and add weight to the aircraft. Instead, airlines are making entertainment options available to passengers on their personal devices. Airlines are beginning to remove the seatback screens […]