Walmart blasts Trump administration’s ‘disturbing’ detainment of migrant children in one of its former stores (WMT)

Administration for Children and Families at the US Department of Health and Human Services Walmart on Tuesday attacked the Trump administration’s detainment of migrant children in one of its former stores.  “We had no idea our former store would be used for such a disturbing purpose,” Walmart tweeted. “We are just as shocked and disappointed […]

The hounding of Greece’s former statistics chief is disturbing

IMAGINE the tale of Sisyphus, the mythical king doomed to spend eternity pushing a boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down, retold by Kafka. The result would be very like the tortuous story of Andreas Georgiou, Greece’s former statistics chief. Since 2011 Mr Georgiou has faced several criminal charges. One is […]

Avengers 4: Hulk for THIS ‘disturbing’ plot after Infinity War and Thor Ragnarok?

The character, played by Mark Ruffalo, has been the subject of a big discussion on the Marvel Studios page on Reddit, thanks to an observation about last year’s Thor: Ragnarok. User AthleticNerd_ wrote, in a post that has had almost 1700 Upvotes: “Thor Ragnarock casually glossed over the fact that Hulk spent 2 years murdering […]

Disturbing dark side of glamour job

BEFORE New Orleans Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis was fired for posting a swimsuit photo online in January, she, like fellow cheerleaders of the NFL franchise, were often tasked to sell calendars of themselves posing in bikinis to fans tailgating outside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Should they fail to sell 20 ahead of kick-off, squad members would […]

Google Maps: Disturbing sighting captured in THIS abandoned building

Google Maps is a useful tool for capturing some of the weird wanderings around the globe and allows viewers to explore places they would have otherwise never have ventured. For the past 18 years, Google has been capturing areas from all over the world triggering the visual exploration craze. But it’s not just the ordinary […]

Saturday Kitchen live: Strictly Come Dancing star asks to LEAVE after disturbing news

Host Michel Roux Jr. was joined by Birds of a Feather star Lesley Joseph, 72, in the kitchen this morning. The A-list guest, who competed on Strictly Come Dancing last year, wasn’t wholly taken with proceedings, however, after she was informed of the menu for Food Heaven and Food Hell. As the BBC presenter announced […]

CCTV captures the moment shooter opens fire on Russian churchgoers (DISTURBING VIDEO)

CCTV footage from the site of the deadly shooting at a Christian church in southern Russia, which claimed the lives of five people, shows a man armed with a rifle gunning down two women in broad daylight. A bearded man clad in a black vest and camouflage pants was seen crossing the street before opening […]