Solve A Mystery In 1920s San Francisco In Adventure Game A Case Of Distrust

On the hardboiled streets of 1924 San Francisco, danger, suspicious characters, and mystery lurk, and in minimalist narrative adventure A Case of Distrust, private detective Phyllis Cadence Malone has to navigate this sprawling city of lies, misdeeds, and secrets to uncover a dark truth. Armed with only clever deductions and astute eye, Malone moves through […]

Trust No One To Survive An Antarctic Hell In Sci-Fi Thriller Distrust

An alien evil stalks a group of survivors in the wintry expanse of Antarctica, threatening to overwhelm their defenses as hunger and the elements wear them down. This isn’t The Thing; it’s Distrust, a new isometric survival game inspired by John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic. But rather than the threat of assimilation, you’ll need to […]

Mutual distrust, common interests: Egypt gets closer to Hamas to counter threats from ISIS

Thomson Reuters CAIRO/GAZA (Reuters) — After years of strained relations, Egypt is moving closer to Hamas in Gaza, offering concessions on trade and free movement in return for moves to secure the border against Islamic State fighters who have killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers in northern Sinai. Egypt has been at odds with Hamas, […]