Brexit won’t damage the UK’s national security — but a no-deal would be disastrous

Reuters / Eduardo Munoz Writing for Business Insider, the UK’s former national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant says Brexit needn’t damage national security — but leaving without a deal would be disastrous and must be avoided. Despite some recent alarmist reporting, there is no reason why Brexit should damage UK national security. As National […]

After a disastrous year, a whiff of optimism is in the air

ARGENTINA IS FAMED as much for its financial crashes as for its juicy steaks and nifty footballers. But even compared with its usual performance, 2018 was a particularly miserable year for the economy. The worst drought in 50 years wrecked the corn and soyabean harvests, knocking 2% off GDP. The peso lost half its value […]

Potentially disastrous Rowhammer bitflips can bypass ECC protections

Enlarge / A DDR3 DIMM with error-correcting code from Samsung. ECC is no longer an absolute defense against Rowhammer attacks. (credit: Samsung) In early 2015, researchers unveiled Rowhammer, a cutting-edge hack that exploits unfixable physical weaknesses in the silicon of certain types of memory chips to transform data they stored. In the 42 months that […]

Amazon is reportedly nearing a deal to make New York City one of the homes of its second headquarters — here’s why it would be disastrous (AMZN)

Yana Paskova/Getty Images Amazon is reportedly planning to name Long Island City neighborhood in Queens, New York half of its second headquarters, HQ2. HQ2 — which The New York Times reports will be split between New York and Crystal City, Virginia — will create roughly 25,000 new jobs in the area.  HQ2 sounds like a great […]

The scariest parts of the new climate change report: The goals the world set are inadequate, and the track we’re on is disastrous

NASA The world will see catastrophic effects of climate change if temperatures climb to 1.5 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels, according to a new report. These effects include extreme heatwaves, severe droughts, the death of coral reefs, mass extinctions, sea-level rise, and more. We’re on track to hit that 1.5-degree temperature rise by 2040. If […]

Organizer of disastrous Fyre Festival admits he misled investors

Billy McFarland has admitted that he forged documents and lied to investors to convince them to pour a total of $ 26 million into his company and the now infamous Fyre Festival. He was arrested last year after what he touted as “the cultural experience of the decade” in the Bahamas turned out to be […]

Brexit minister madly backpedals after leaked impact study signals disastrous EU departure

Despite a leaked economic analysis that spells doom for post-EU Britain, Brexit minister Steve Baker insists that all is well; the sky is not going to fall, the ship is not sinking, and economic forecasts are “always wrong.” The leak of Tuesday’s explosive economic analysis, entitled ‘EU Exit Analysis – Cross Whitehall Briefing,’ has MPs […]

House Republicans just released their plan to avoid a disastrous government shutdown

Yuri Gripas/Reuters House Republicans rolled out their bill to avoid a government shutdown and fund the government for around a month. The funding extension will push back the deadline for a shutdown from January 19 to February 16. The bill will also include extras like funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and a delay […]

Sailing Through the Bomb Cyclone, AA’s Secret Passenger-Scoring System, JFK’s Disastrous Week and More

Bomb Cyclone, AA Scoring System, JFK’s Disaster & More Advertiser Disclosure The credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not […]

Sex abuse, box office bombs: Disastrous year for Hollywood comes to merciful end

Published time: 31 Dec, 2017 06:10 Hollywood may be eager to say goodbye to 2017 which was one of the worst and craziest years in its history, and there’s a number of reasons for that. Read more Statistics show Americans are falling out of love with going to the movies. Audiences have steadily shrunk as […]