Power’s La La Anthony Dishes About LaKeisha’s ‘Dangerous’ Desire to Prove She’s Tommy’s ‘Ride or Die’

Power‘s LaKeisha may not be making the best choices this season — see also: ditching a murder weapon in the Hudson River — but, La La Anthony asks, who hasn’t done really stupid things for love? “All she wants to do is prove to Tommy that she’s ride-or-die, and she’s in it until the end,” […]

21 Ehemänner erzählen, warum sie ganz genau wissen, dass ihre Frau „die Eine“ ist

Bei Reddit wurden kürzlich Männer, die über zehn Jahre verheiratet sind, gefragt, wie sie wissen, dass ihre Ehefrauen noch immer ‘die Eine’ sind. Das sind die herzerwärmenden Antworten, die dich lachen, weinen und ernsthaft an Liebe glauben lassen: 1. „Ich weiß jedes Mal, wenn sie lacht, dass sie noch die Eine ist. Ich kann in […]

22 Produkte von „Die Moderne Hausfrau”, die Deutschland dem Rest der Welt erklären muss

1. Du kennst das: Es regnet und alles ist trist und grau. Mit dem Regenhut „Durchblick” ist das vorbei! Er macht zwar nicht, dass es aufhört zu regnen, aber er lässt alle Menschen um dich herum strahlen und lachen. Ist das nicht schön? 2. Oder hier, diese Brillen-Schildkappe. Damit bist du garantiert der König des […]

‘Why don’t you die?’ Man on spider-slaying quest triggers police operation in Australia

A full-scale police operation was triggered in Australia after neighbors sounded the alarm over a man shouting death threats at his home. Police were a bit surprised, though, when they arrived to tackle the ‘threat’. The bizarre incident unfolded in the suburbs of the western Australian city of Perth on Wednesday morning, when a person […]

New ‘Die Hard’ Trailer Leans into the Whole Christmas Controversy

Frustratingly enough, the argument about whether or not the classic action thriller Die Hard is a Christmas movie is still going strong. A recent poll showed most people don’t think it qualifies for the holiday mantle, and we’ve had passionate discussions about it on /Film Daily, but now 20th Century Fox is making the push […]

‘People are going to die’: A city ravaged by the opioid crisis waits anxiously for overdose prevention site

The rate of overdose deaths in Thunder Bay, Ont., is double the provincial average. Health workers are trying to stem the devastation by giving drug users a supervised place to inject, with addiction help available a flight of stairs away.

‘If you keep working, you will die’: London bankers in their 20s and 30s are having more heart attacks, doctors say

REUTERS/Andrew Burton Bankers in their 20s and 30s are being admitted to the hospital more frequently with cardiac conditions and heart attacks, cardiologists in the UK told Business Insider. One doctor estimated he’s seen a 10% rise in bankers under 30 being admitted to the hospital in the last decade. One former banker shared her […]

Daily Podcast: The Making of ‘Die Hard’, and How It Impacted a Generation of Filmmakers

On the July 17, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson presents a special episode of the podcast looking back on the making of John McTiernan‘s 1988 classic Die Hard, featuring snippets of interviews with people who made it and filmmakers who were inspired by it. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on […]

Game of Thrones season 8: Cersei Lannister to ‘die’ in HUGE King’s Landing fire

The Game of Thrones production crew built a brand new King’s Landing set for season eight, which has featured prominently at the Titanic Studios set in Belfast, Ireland. Ever since it’s erection, the huge set has been witnessed by numerous fans getting smashed and destroyed over the course of months as filming on the HBO […]