Baltimore police dismiss cop-on-cop murder rumors encircling detective’s death

Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter was set to testify against fellow officers before being shot in the head and killed while on duty. Now the police department is reassuring the public that the killing was not part of a conspiracy among cops. Baltimore police pushed back against swirling theories accusing Suiter’s partner of playing a […]

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch breaks silence on detective’s love interest

Speaking at a panel at the London Film and Comic-Con today, the 41-year-old said that there could only be one character his detective could be coupled with in the BBC hit series. “Now, there’s only one choice, isn’t there? Come on,” he told the audience of fans, before jokingly adding: “Doctor Watson.”  He continued on […]

Line Of Duty writer considered making TV detective’s plunge down staircase fatal

He says it was tempting to leave the anti-corruption officer played by actor Martin Compston dead after serial killer Balaclava Man beat him with a baseball bat, then threw him off a three-storey stairwell at the end of episode three. But Mercurio admits finding it hard to say goodbye to DS Arnott, so after recovering […]

Line of Duty season 4: Have real-life detectives SOLVED Balaclava Man case?

Police officers Sue Mills and Lisa Cutts weighed in on the case that has been keeping the nation captive for the past six weeks during an appearance on This Morning. The officers were asked their professional opinion on the identity of the Balaclava Man on the BBC drama and also whether Roz Huntley (played by […]