Amazon’s ‘The Romanoffs’ teaser shows desperate claims to fame

Amazon is finally ready to show more of The Romanoffs than its all-star cast. The internet behemoth has posted a full-fledged teaser trailer for the Prime Video anthology series, and it’s evident that the show is equal parts serious and irreverent. This definitely isn’t a historical piece. Rather, it’s a look at the seeming ridiculousness […]

China is so desperate to win its war on drugs, it’s started analyzing people’s sewage for contaminated pee

Carlos Barria/Reuters China has been going hard in its war on drugs. Its efforts are so intense that some cities have started analyzing sewage for traces of drugs to root out users and dealers. That work has helped catch at least one drug manufacturer, and the country plans to expand the program in the future. […]

Britain's mainstream is desperate for Russian guilt, and will ignore anything to get it

The UK Foreign Office denies its own on-the-record claims after being undermined by government scientists. The media is ignoring reports which could help avoid a major confrontation with Russia. Welcome to post-Skripal Britain. When Jeremy Corbyn called for more evidence to be provided about Russia’s alleged role in the poisoning of the Skripals, the howls […]

Alabama lawmaker seems desperate to keep rocket tech in his home state

Enlarge / Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., descends the House steps in 2016. (credit: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) Marshall Space Flight Center has a long and storied history when it comes to rocket design and production. It was there that Wernher von Braun and his German compatriots helped NASA design the Saturn line of rockets that […]

Gary Cohn is making a desperate effort to stop Trump’s trade war before it starts — and if he doesn’t, he might leave

Gary Cohn and other White House officials are trying to convince President Donald Trump to soften his new tariffs. Cohn helped schedule a meeting between Trump and business executives whose companies will be hurt by the new tax on steel and aluminum imports. A group of White House advisers is making a list-ditch effort to […]

How Oscar Screeners Were Accidentally Invented By a Desperate Director

It’s a privilege only a select few know: the dingy envelope, the annoying watermark, the prestigious movies that can be watched comfortably at home. The coveted Oscar screeners. Screeners have been a staple of the Academy Awards circuit for decades now, but does anyone know how it started? It turns out it all began with […]

Real Madrid desperate to sell Gareth Bale this summer all because of ONE player

And the big reason, according to Marca, is because Real Madrid don’t want him to hold Marco Asensio back. They are said to believe Asensio is a potential future Ballon d’Or winner while Bale’s recent form has shown he is incapable of reaching that level. Bale was signed to spearhead Real into a new age, […]