Another Windows 10 SKU is on its way, this time for remote desktops

Enlarge / A VT100 remote terminal, which is basically the same thing as Windows Remote Desktop. (credit: Wolfgang Stief) Most of the Windows 10 builds published in the Insider program don’t come with ISO disk images, so the Windows 10 installer doesn’t get a ton of scrutiny. Every now and then, however, ISOs are published […]

Intel’s Itanium CPUs, once a play for 64-bit servers and desktops, are dead

Enlarge (credit: Intel) Remember Itanium? Intel’s first crack at 64-bit server processors from circa the turn of the millennium? Well, two things: Intel is releasing four new 9700-series Itanium CPUs based on the “Kittson” architecture, and the chips are the last new Itanium processors that the company plans to ship. An Intel spokesperson confirmed to […]