31 Designs, über die garantiert keine 5 Minuten nachgedacht wurde

1. Dieses total saubere Waschbecken: 2. Dieses Verbot: 3. Diese … Aufhängung: 4. Dieser Tipp: 5. Diese Maxi-Luftmatratze: 6. Diese wilde Technik: 7. Diese Namenswahl: 8. Diese Uniform: 9. Dieser tödliche Aufzug: 10. Dieser Tee-Spender: 11. Dieser Verleser: 12. Dieser Wein für besondere Momente: 13. Dieser kleine Handgriff: 14. Diese Platzierung: 15. Dieser spezielle Raum: […]

Onshape lets engineers collaborate on 3D designs with Magic Leap’s AR glasses

Computer-aided engineering (CAD) is a $ 9 billion industry, and Onshape wants to shake it up. So the cloud-based CAD tool maker is using Magic Leap’s augmented reality glasses to enable engineers to collaborate when designing products in 3D. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Onshape showed a demo of the tech at the L.E.A.P. Conference in Los Ange…Read More

Grand Designs: Life threatening condition leads to Britain’s FIRST hypoallergenic home?

From the transformation of castles to shipping containers, Grand Designs has seen no shortage of iconic projects being taken on. But, tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 programme will see a couple attempt a record-breaking build which is focused on a very heartfelt reason. In the instalment, presenter Kevin McCloud MBE will meet gallery owner […]

F1 boss Ross Brawn discusses future F1 designs

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Filed under: Motorsports,Concept Cars,Future,Racing “We want cars that are going to excite young people.” Continue reading F1 boss Ross Brawn discusses future F1 designs F1 boss Ross Brawn discusses future F1 designs originally appeared on Autoblog on Sun, 16 Sep 2018 11:45:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of […]

Judge extends ban on publication of 3D-printed gun designs

A federal judge in Seattle issued an injunction today that blocks Defense Distributed from publishing its 3D-printed gun designs online. The move extends a temporary ban issued last month and the injunction will remain in place until a lawsuit brought forth by a number of state attorneys general is resolved. Washington, New York, New Jersey, […]

Conservatories remain as popular as ever with a range of designs

But there’s been a big shift in fashion when it comes to their design. Those with big budgets will still opt for traditional styles but others may consider the new trend for “glass box” rooms with sliding doors. “Well-constructed attractive wooden orangeries or slate roofed sunrooms appear on the wish list of the majority of […]

Property news: Grand Designs Kevin McCloud on how to make a room look bigger in 10 seconds

How do you make a room look bigger? Many of us would like more space in our homes. But even if you can’t afford a bigger property, you can easily create the illusion of more space through clever tricks. Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud explains that one simple trick could make your rooms look more spacious […]

Brexit: Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud predicts property construction ‘CRISIS’ due to this

Brexit will have a number of effects on the UK property market, with some experts predicting house prices will fall. However, Kevin McCloud, 58, of Grand Designs, has warned there may also be a construction “crisis” on the horizon after Brexit. Brexit will happen on Friday 29 March 2019 at 11pm, according to an Article […]

F1 2018 cars with Premier League liveries: Stunning Liverpool, Man Utd and Watford designs

The new F1 season roars into life at Albert Park when the Australian Grand Prix gets underway this weekend, with Lewis Hamilton looking to scoop his fifth drivers’ title. The Brit’s Mercedes will be sporting a traditional silver colour scheme, but is there room for some more outlandish designs in the sport? With 20 cars […]