Designing human-to-machine conversation authentically and ethically

GUEST: When we all began switching to smart mobile devices, the age-old model of software development changed. In a short space of time, we witnessed the rise of Uber, Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, and many others — companies now acquired for, or worth, billions of dollars. The introduction of a new form of interface between humans […]

Ben Heck’s Mini Pinball: Designing a test game

The team has finally finished the miniature pinball kit prototype, and they don’t want to stop playing it! Originally the design was going to include three generic themes, but the team moved to one universal playfield that can have customized themes applied to it. It’s time to put the finishing touches on the Autodesk Fusion […]

Royal wedding: Who is designing Meghan’s wedding dress? Is it a British designer?

The royal wedding is just weeks away, and the wedding dress has been kept under wraps. It has since been revealed that the designer of the dress with be British designer Ralph & Russo. Meghan wore the brand for the famous engagement shoot with Prince Harry after announcing they were getting married. The dress, costing […]

We Walk Around the Valkyrie AMR Pro with the Pros Who Are Designing It

– Our stock of fresh superlatives has already been depleted by the performance claims Aston Martin is making for the forthcoming Valkyrie AMR Pro. Based on the company’s early numbers, this track-only special is going to make any garden-variety hypercar seem barely more exciting than an overloaded minivan. We’re told to expect more than 1100 […]

You can now get an online degree designing flying cars

Udacity, the online education startup founded by former Google executive Sebastian Thrun, is offering a 12-week course on flying car engineering. The online program begins in February and will cost $ 1,200 with courses in Aerial Robotics and Intelligent Air Systems. Thrun believes flying cars will be the “hottest topic on the planet” within a […]

Designing secure games from the ground up (VB Live)

VB LIVE: Cyber attackers are targeting the video game industry more than ever. In this VB Live event, security experts share the secrets to proactively securing your environment and protecting against the increasing number of hacks, DDoS attacks, and more.  Don’t miss out! Register now for free. Cybercrime will cost the world $ 6 trillion annually […]