Superhero Bits: Alternate Cable Character Design, The Flash and Gotham Episode Titles & More

Want to know the first few episode titles for the fifth seasons of The Flash and Gotham? What does Bruce Campbell think some problems are with superhero movies today? Who does Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed want to see lead a female Avengers team-up? Want to see a much goofier character design for […]

How to design carbon taxes

ECONOMISTS view pricing greenhouse-gas emissions as an elegant way to reduce them. There are more than 70 national and regional schemes, covering perhaps a fifth of global emissions, which charge polluters for the carbon dioxide they belch out. But that leaves an awful lot of the world to be convinced of the merits of such […]

Superhero Bits: Alternate Juggernaut Design, Avengers 4 Needs a Butt Double & More

Want to see an alternate design of Juggernaut that didn’t make it into Deadpool 2? Who are the new villains the Fantastic Four have to deal with in Marvel Comics? What’s happening for Batman Day this year? Why did Shazam star Asher Angel‘s parents get annoyed with him? How did the Celine Dion song “Ashes” […]

Conversation design: The right approach to crafting voice interfaces

GUEST: Apple’s App Store launch feels like a distant memory now — the glossy buttons, overused gradient, and harsh drop shadows have faded in the rearview for most of us. Similarly, in a few years we’ll have forgotten the arguments we’re now having with our voice assistants — the casual request “Hey Siri” eventually turning…Read […]

Squishy, Soft, Soothing – How Softness Infused All Elements Of Semblance’s Design

Semblance takes players to a soft, soothing, squishy world, one they can deform in order to solve its platforming puzzles and to explore the environments in their own ways. With a hard thump from their blobby character, players can create indents that can be used as platforms, adjust the terrain to get around hazards, and […]

New MacBook Pro keyboard design may fix dust problems after all

Enlarge / The keyboard on the 2016 Touch Bar MacBook Pro. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) While Apple’s redesigned keyboards in the new MacBook Pro models are made to be quieter, they also appear to be designed to prevent another problem. According to a document sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers and obtained by MacRumors, the new keys have […]

A look at Chrome’s new tab design

Chrome is getting a major redesign soon, and this week new changes have started to land in the Chrome’s nightly “Canary” build. Google is launching a new version of Material Design across its products, called the “Google Material Theme,” and after debuting in Android P and, it’s starting to roll out across other Google’s major […]

Samsung leak shows a silver Galaxy Tab S4 and new S Pen design

Here’s a glimpse of what Samsung could reveal during its Unpacked event on August 9th. Notable gadget leaker Evan Blass (evleaks) has tweeted photos of a white (or silver) Galaxy Tab S4, the next iteration of the Korean conglomerate’s S Pen-equipped tablets. The first photo he tweeted doesn’t show much of the tablet’s white or […]

6 new lingerie companies that are changing the industry — with inclusive sizes and a woman-led design process

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Victoria’s Secret isn’t as much of an industry stronghold as it once used to be.  New lingerie brands like ThirdLove and True&Co are increasingly popular, and it’s likely […]

Taylor’s radical new acoustic guitar design proves that a centuries-old musical instrument can be high-tech

Taylor Taylor Guitars has been in business since the early 1970s. It has always defined itself by a culture of innovation in a world where acoustic guitars are based on very old designs. It recently pushed the envelope with a new bracing system that’s a big departure from what guitar makes have been doing for […]