‘I hope they didn’t do it’: State Dept in doubt over S-300 delivery, warns of ‘serious escalation’

The news of Russia completing the delivery of its S-300 air defense system to the Syrian Army has provoked a nervous reaction in Washington, as the US State Department said it still hopes that the delivery had not taken place. “I saw that report. I cannot confirm that it is accurate. I hope that they […]

Asleep at the wheel: Dept of Motor Vehicles worker slept on job for 2,200 hrs

A Department of Motor Vehicles worker has brought new meaning to the term sleeping on the job after it was revealed that she slept at her desk for a whopping 2,200 hours over three years. According to an audit report from the California State Auditor, the key data operator cost the state more than $ […]

Tillerson splurged $12mn on consultants as part of State Dept overhaul plan – report

Consultants costing up to $ 300 an hour were engaged as Rex Tillerson tried to revamp the State Department. With Tillerson gone, the future of the redesign is uncertain, but taxpayers have already picked up the $ 12 million tab. Politico has revealed the figures, citing documents it obtained, and said they were partly confirmed […]

US State Dept spent $9mn on Soros-backed ‘meddling’ in Albanian politics

Documents released by the State Department under a FOIA lawsuit show that almost $ 9 million in US taxpayer dollars was spent on a campaign in Albania managed by a group run by billionaire George Soros. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) funneled funds into a “Justice for All” campaign to reform the courts […]

High-ranking State Dept. official sacked after saying Tillerson was fired in a tweet

State Department Under Secretary Steve Goldstein was fired after he said his boss, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, was surprised by President Donald Trump’s decision to oust him. He will be replaced by Heather Nauert. Goldstein, who took the job on December 4, was fired on Tuesday, shortly after he issued a statement suggesting […]

Ukraine’s Naftogaz head claims Ukrainians over-consumed, as US State Dept praises Kiev gas cuts

The Ukrainians were clearly over-consuming gas during periods when Russia’s Gazprom was supplying it, Naftogaz CEO said, days after Gazprom terminated its contract with the Ukrainian company and new gas shortages were revealed. Speaking at the CERAWeek annual energy conference in Houston, Texas, Andrey Kobolyev claimed that Ukraine had become a “victim of a vicious […]

‘Something broken in US State Dept?’ Russian Embassy bewildered by Nauert’s Twitter eruption

The Russian Embassy in Washington DC believes that something might be “broken” in the US State Department, given the recent barrage of tweets targeting Moscow by spokesperson Heather Nauert. Over the last 24 hours, Heather Nauert has unleashed a massive anti-Russian campaign on Twitter: Blaming Russia for civilian casualties in Syria; praising the controversial Oscar-winning […]

Interior Dept. wants to lower royalties that offshore oil, coal companies pay

Enlarge / Oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. There are nearly 5,000 functioning oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, and 27,000 abandoned wells. (Photo by: Dave Walsh/VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images) (credit: Getty Images) Last week the Interior Department’s Royalty Policy Committee issued a recommendation suggesting that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lower royalty […]

‘Oh, you're from Russian media? Next question!’ US State Dept snubs journalists during briefing

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert’s refusal to take questions from Russian TV raised eyebrows, even among US journalists, who took to their Russian colleagues’ defense after Nauert implied they are Kremlin agents. Nauert went on an ill-mannered tirade against the Russian media when she responded to a question from Rossya 1 TV journalist Aleksandr […]

Trump: Leadership of FBI & Justice Dept politicized investigative process in favor of Democrats

Published time: 2 Feb, 2018 11:40 Edited time: 2 Feb, 2018 12:01 Donald Trump has lashed out at the leadership and investigators at the FBI and the Justice Department, saying that they politicized “the sacred investigative process” in favor of Democrats and against Republicans. The US president attacked both authorities on Twitter by saying that […]