Meghan Markle: Prince Harry vows to meet father-in-law as Thomas admits deep 'regret'

Meghan Markle, 36, also known as the Duchess of Sussex, married Prince Harry, 33, at St. George’s Chapel last Saturday 19 May in a royal wedding ceremony. However, Thomas Markle, 73, the bride’s father, and Prince Harry’s now father-in-law, was noticeably absent from the event after reportedly having last minute heart surgery. Now, Meghan and […]

20,000 Atmospheres Promises A Dungeon Crawler Deep Beneath The Ocean Surface

There’s something unique about a game that focuses on a tactile UI and mechanics. From the hands-on manipulation of The Room and Myst to the command consoles of Deadnaut and the grainy screens of Capsule, it’s one way to immerse the player in the role of a character and in a setting. 20,000 Atmospheres looks […]

Investors are frustrated with Botox-maker Allergan — and its CEO says it’s ‘deep into the process’ of figuring out what to do next (AGN)

Reuters Allergan said Monday during its first-quarter earnings call that it’s “deep into the process” of its strategic review of the company amid its stock price slipping over the past year.  Allergan CEO Brent Saunders outlined five possible approaches the company’s exploring, which include divesting certain businesses.  Investors, Saunders said, are frustrated, and some of […]

Deep State streaming: How to watch Deep State online and stream?

Set across the UK, US, France, Iran and Lebanon, Deep State tells the story of one man’s journey to avenge his son’s death and uncovering dangerous secrets along the way. Mark Strong takes the lead as ex-spy Max Easton, who is pulled out of retirement and back into the world of espionage after learning that […]

Kerbal Space Program’s first expansion has deep mission-creation controls

Kerbal Space Program is getting its first expansion since debuting as an unfinished early access game outside of Steam in 2011. The Making History pack blasts off March 13 on Valve’s platform, and it introduces a huge playlist of new missions that take their inspiration from the history space flight. It also gives players a system for […]

Deep learning is only as good as its data

GUEST: “Deep learning” has become a hot topic in the general rush to launch AI products. But many of these products will fail because companies are putting branding ahead of functionality. Success depends on understanding what deep learning is, how it works, and what its most effective applications are. Deep learning 101 Traditional machine learning […]

Russia, China agree to create joint data center for lunar projects & deep space exploration

HomeWorld News Published time: 3 Mar, 2018 10:11 Edited time: 3 Mar, 2018 10:21 Get short URL © NASA Russia and China have agreed to create a joint data center for lunar and deep space projects, Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced. The projects will involve Russian and Chinese scientific and industrial bodies and companies, […]