Become Death’s Servant In This Ruthless, Challenging Action RPG

Those who enjoy the Souls series are currently in need of a fresh set of bosses to test their patience and skills against, but action RPG Death’s Gambit aims to fill that void. With fast-paced but precise combat, gigantic bosses with unique tactics, stunning pixel art, a mysterious story, and a killer soundtrack, the game […]

Avengers 4: MORE Infinity War deaths after Ant-Man and the Wasp losses revealed – GALLERY

The death toll keeps rising. Half of all life in the universe was turned to dust at the end of Infinity War when Thanos finally achieved his aim and used the Infinity Gauntlet for that terrible Snap. Ant-Man and the Wasp hit UK cinemas this weekend and finally revealed the fates of even more characters. […]

Avengers 4 deaths: BAD news about one popular hero NOT shown at Infinity War end

After months of agonising secrecy, rumours and expectations, Infinity War finally hit screens. And promptly broke our hearts. The filmmakers are being much more open in the jam-packed extras on the Infinity War home entertainment packages which have just been released in the US. During the writers’ live commentary they just spilled some very bad […]

Magaluf tourist warning following three British deaths after balcony falls

Three British tourists in Magaluf have fallen to their death from the same holiday resort this year alone. Eden Roc, the apartment block, has seen the travellers fall from their balconies in 2018. Calvia Council has urged the resort to block off the dangerous areas of the block where they have fallen from. They have […]

‘Haven’t presidents been killed?’: Putin compares the suspicious deaths of his political opponents to the assassinations of US presidents

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin dodged questions on a string of deaths that are suspected of being orchestrated by the Kremlin, during an interview on Fox News. Putin, who is in his third six-year term, likened the murders of political dissidents to the assassinations of US presidents and civil rights leaders. He also alluded […]