The US says it’s talking with North Korea ‘virtually every day,’ but they’re getting nowhere

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst The US and North Korea are in direct communication “virtually every day,” according to a US State Department spokeswoman. Talks appear to have hit a roadblock as both sides are beginning to publicly express their frustration with each other. The US is concerned about reports that North Korea is continuing to advance its […]

Countryfile: BBC weather forecast drops shock heatwave news ‘just one more day’

Countryfile’s weekly weather forecast announced heatwave news that some may not want to hear – it will only be here for one more day. Presenting the weather, Nick Miller revealed several interesting meteorological facts. He said: “It’s been another very warm weekend. “There’s something else notable about this weather. “In Wales this summer, it’s had […]

Twitch Prime’s “free game every day” for half of July adds up to a ton

Enlarge (credit: Amazon) Amazon’s Prime Day promotions are often a good indicator of which way the company’s many-headed borg is facing, and this year, one Amazon entity is screaming quite loudly: Twitch. Ars’ Jeff Dunn has already summed up a bunch of discounts and offers to expect this coming Prime Day, but in Twitch’s case, […]

Tony Kanaan fires warning shot at Indy 500 ‘Carb Day’

Autoblog ist jetzt Teil der Oath-Familie. Nach EU-Datenschutzgesetzen benötigen wir (Oath), unsere Anbieter und Partner Ihre Einwilligung, um auf Ihrem Gerät Cookies zu speichern, um Ihre Such-, Standort- und Browsing-Daten zu verwenden, Ihre Interessen zu verstehen und Anzeigen auf unseren Produkten zu personalisieren und zu messen. Oath stellt Ihnen auch personalisierte Anzeigen auf den Produkten […]

The One Show: Nick Knowles reveals Prince Harry SECRET ‘I see him every day’

This evening’s The One Show saw Alex and Ore discussing topics including Owl photography, the origin of Jenga, and firefighters running a charity marathon. Nick also discussed the charity work that he has been working on recently. Most notably, he detailed the building that he is putting together with a group of volunteers. He went […]

Muslim MPs sent ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters encouraging mosque bombings

Muslim MPs have been sent threatening letters which urge people to carry out acid attacks against Muslims, bomb mosques and pull off hijabs. The ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letters are being investigated by counter-terrorism officers. The MPs were also sent packages with a “suspicious substance” inside. Three people were hospitalized on Monday and Tuesday as […]

It’s International Women’s Day… so let's not forget how sexist Westminster actually is (VIDEOS)

Boris Johnson has donned a shirt to show off just how feminist he is. Interesting, considering he once said voting Tory means your wife will get bigger boobs. Unsurprisingly, he’s not the only MP with a shocking record for sexism. Only a few months ago, Westminster was rocked by a sex scandal so great that […]

This is how Cape Town is coping with its impending ‘Day Zero’ when the water will run out

REUTERS / Mike Hutchings Cape Town, South Africa, is going through one of the worst droughts in its history. Officials have designated a date on which most taps will be turned off and everyone will be subjected to a strict water-rationing system. It’s known as “Day Zero.” Stunning photos reveal the extent of the water […]