Leap And Dash With Style In Vivid Platformer The King’s Bird

Upon graceful wings, The King’s Bird unleashes your agile hero across challenging gauntlets, combining fast-paced platforming with a wordless narrative. Through skillful traversal, you attempt to escape a ruined world held in a tyrant’s iron grip, running, leaping, and flying through increasingly dangerous worlds. Reminiscent of the smooth navigation of Dustforce, The King’s Bird is […]

Samsung’s latest microSD card is beefy enough for your dash cam

Most microSD cards are perfectly fine for your smartphone. Your dash cam or home security camera, however? That’s another story — that non-stop video recording can be brutal on cards that aren’t designed for continuous writing. Enter Samsung with its Pro Endurance card. The new microSD range reportedly endures about 25 times longer than other […]

WATCH: Dash cam footage captured moment white van driver did THIS – what happened next?

With an increasing number of drivers opting to fit their vehicles with dash cams, bad driving footage is spreading across the internet. From dangerous overtake manoeuvres to bizarre and unexpected road users, dash cam footage captures daily life on the road. Having captured a number of deadly road incidents, dash cam footage is now used […]

WATCH: Terrifying moment a dash cam captures THIS risky game of chicken

In recent times there has been a drastic rise in the number of drivers opting to fit their cars with dash cams. Now, driving footage that would have otherwise slipped under the radar, spreads across the internet. From everyday footage of strange daily behaviour to dangerous drivers that are named and shamed, dash cams allow […]

WATCH: Audi driver sent to prison after a dash cam caught him doing THIS

With a rise in dash cam, footage of shocking drivers quickly spreads highlighting the dangerous manoeuvres by some road users. This video is one of those occasions where astonishingly dangerous driving only narrowly avoids an accident. According to the Chester Standard, Michael Schofield 53, was driving down the M56 in the outer lane when he […]

12 things everyone should understand about technology, according to Anil Dash

Lean Startup Week LinkedIn Influencer Anil Dash published this post originally on LinkedIn. Tech is more important than ever, deeply affecting culture, politics and society. Given all the time we spend with our gadgets and apps, it’s essential to understand the principles that determine how tech affects our lives. Technology isn’t an industry, it’s a method […]

WATCH: The terrifying moment a car crash is caught with a dash cam in Australia

Shocking footage has emerged after an elderly man, believed to be aged 93, attempted a U-turn on a busy main road. The video, filmed from the inside of Ms Sophie Kinnane’s car, captures the terrifying collision. In what appears to be normal dash cam footage. Sophie’s car can be seen driving along the 60mph road. […]

Stacey Dash Is Running for Congress to Get On Big Brother, Says Trevor Noah

Is Stacey Dash hoping to follow in Omarosa’s footsteps… all the way to the Big Brother house? RELATEDWill Big Bang Ride Black Panther Wave? “I don’t even blame her, because running just to become more famous actually works,” he continued. “The only time it didn’t work was when Donald Trump did it, but then won […]