Graveyard Keeper Adds a Darkly Humorous Twist To The Village Simulator Genre

At a glance, you might confuse Graveyard Keeper with similar games like Stardew Valley and others. That’s part of the game’s charm though; in many ways, Graveyard Keeper relies on the familiarity with the elements of those games to makes its morbid twist of said elements work. Because in this simulator/RPG, you aren’t lovingly tending […]

Darkly Beautiful ‘Twin Peaks’ Character Posters

São Paulo-based illustrator Cristiano Siqueira has created a series of posters based on Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival. The artist even created works for the non-human characters in the show, like the nifty chair that belonged to Major Briggs and the black corn (aka death) on the map that Deputy Chief Hawk points out. We first […]

‘I, Tonya’ Review: The Darkly Comedic Truth Behind the Tabloids [TIFF]

In the 1990s, the story of figure skater Tonya Harding dominated the early days of the 24-hour news cycle. It was the testing ground for where news was headed, away from reporting and into gossip. It would be repeated tenfold by the O.J. Simpson trial, which came after the Harding incident was dying down. By […]