Putin & Orban need each other more than ever, but do they dare come closer during Moscow talks?

Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban arrives in Russia to meet Vladimir Putin on Tuesday with both states under diplomatic siege. Will the two downplay their political affair in front of Europe’s judging eyes? Nominally, there is nothing notable about Orban’s one-day visit: he was last in Moscow just two months ago for the World Cup […]

PICTURES: North Korea new holiday resort for tourists – would you dare visit?

North Korea is not the most popular holiday destination for UK travellers, despite it not currently being prohibited by the government. This could soon change with images showing a new holiday resort being built by the country. Found on the eastern coast of the country is the Wonsan-Kalma peninsular, which is where the renovations are taking […]

‘Truth or Dare’ Review: One of Blumhouse’s Worst Horror Movies

Jeff Wadlow’s Truth Or Dare is an inconsequential brand of horror likened to Stiles White’s Ouija or more recently John R. Leonetti’s Wish Upon. Actors such as heartthrob Tyler Posey and pretty little liar Lucy Hale entice younger audiences who may find a scream or two in the shallow slog, but hardcore hellhounds will sniff […]

Silent Witness 2018: Fans outraged by THIS change to the series: 'How dare they!'

The long-running TV drama made its BBC comeback and naturally became a huge topic of discussion amongst viewers on social media. However, it was not the team’s latest case that got fans talking but the show’s new theme tune. Silent Witness fans were left outraged when they discovered they could no longer sing along to […]

Saturday Morning: James Martin stunned as guest takes SWIPE at host 'How dare you'

The TV chef was cooking a fennel chocolate cake during the ITV show when James joked about his abilities – saying he had “never lost it.” Galton quickly poked fun at the television presenter, telling the 45-year-old that he “never had it”. The former Strictly Come Dancing star hit back at the remark, saying: “How […]

Kick Off A Weekend Of Worldwide Game Jamming With Ludum Dare 40’s Keynote

Alex Rose, developer of Super Rude Bear Resurrection (and several other games about bears with poor manners), is kicking off worldwide game jam Ludum Dare 40 with a keynote offering sage Latin tips and a promise of limitless power to the victors. The theme is still being decided, but if you really don’t have anything […]

Jeff Sessions just declared war on lawyers who dare to oppose the Trump administration

The Trump administration on Friday filed a petition to the Supreme Court asking the justices to vacate the ruling that allowed Jane Doe, an undocumented minor, to obtain an abortion. The government argued that Doe’s lawyers misled them over the timing of her procedure, and suggested that the Supreme Court discipline Doe’s lawyers over their conduct […]