The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker Details the Challenges of Directing Nora’s Backstory — Godspeed Tease Included

For her directorial debut, Danielle Panabaker wasn’t handed any ol’ episode of The CW’s The Flash. Rather, she was tasked with bringing to life Nora West-Allen’s backstory (which of course takes place far into the future. Time travel!). RELATED STORIES This season’s 18th episode (airing Tuesday at 8/7c) also picks up in the wake of […]

Danielle Rose Russell on Legacies' Mysterious Monsters: What's Their Connection to an 'Overall Big Bad'?

The Salvatore School has already faced a dragon, a gargoyle and a spider monster in Legacies‘ first four weeks on the air, but star Danielle Rose Russell promises that the wildest creatures are still to come. “You haven’t met my favorite one yet,” Russell tells TVLine, adding that it will finally rear its (presumably) ugly […]

Legacies Recap: Who Got Stoned? Plus, Danielle Rose Russell Breaks Down Hope and Landon's 'Charged' Reunion

Just when you thought Riverdale had cornered market on gargoyles, along came Thursday’s Legacies to remind Archie & Co. what a real monster looks like. After waking from a who-knows-how-long slumber in the final moments of last week’s episode, the Salvatore Boarding School’s resident gargoyle wasted no time terrorizing the student body — specifically Lizzie’s […]

‘Orange Is the New Black’ star Danielle Brooks wants to change the way ‘plus-size’ women are portrayed on TV

AP Images The INSIDER Summary: “Orange is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks wants to change the way the industry looks at plus-size women, including showing of their active side in some action films.  Plus-size women are typically cast as the fat, funny friend. Their bodies tend to be the focal point of their role, subjecting plus-size […]

Performer of the Week: Danielle Brooks

THE PERFORMER | Danielle Brooks THE SHOW | Orange Is the New Black THE EPISODE | “Sing It, White Effie” THE PERFORMANCE | The 2017 Emmy Awards are still months away, but after seeing Brooks’ triumphant work in the prison dramedy’s fifth season, we’re already thinking ahead to the 2018 Emmy cycle. Anyone who’s watched Episode 5 is likely doing the same. When Taystee emerged from Litchfield’s […]

The Originals' Danielle Campbell Previews Davina's Return: Does She Hold the Key to Defeating the Hollow?

The Originals‘ head witch in charge makes her triumphant return to New Orleans on Friday (The CW, 8/7c), but while fans may be excited to see Danielle Campbell back in action, her character isn’t exactly thrilled about reuniting with the Mikaelsons. RELATEDVampire Diaries‘ Matt Davis (aka Alaric) Visits The Originals — Exclusive First Look “She’s […]