How to get rid of visceral fat: 11 foods to eat to help banish the ‘dangerous’ belly fat

HOW TO get rid of visceral fat: Deemed “dangerous” body fat, visceral fat can pose a serious risk to a person’s health, and doesn’t just affect people who are obese or overweight. Eating certain foods has been found to help get rid of it – there are 11 you should include in your diet.

Terror warning: The most dangerous countries in the world MAPPED

The most dangerous countries in the world have been mapped in a new study which looked at the safety of every country on the planet. A travel risk map for 2019 has highlighted where in the world there is the greatest security risk. Countries in central and northern Africa and the Middle East were revealed […]

At least 9 people dead, thousands of homes destroyed in 3 dangerous wildfires burning across California

David McNew/Getty Images California is dealing with several dangerous wildfires. The Woolsey and Hill fires are burning on the outskirts of LA, and the Camp Fire in northern California destroyed an entire town in less than a day. The flames are being fueled by dry, hot conditions as well as strong winds. People in San […]

YouTube users are running into fake and dangerous videos, study finds

New data from Pew Research Center highlights both the highs and lows of YouTube. The study — which was based on a survey of 4,594 adults in the US conducted earlier this year — found that people of all ages use YouTube for just about everything. It’s especially a popular choice for figuring out how […]

Yellowstone volcano reaffirmed as ‘high threat’…but only 21st most dangerous in US

Those looking for something new to fear are in luck – the US Geological Survey has again classified the Yellowstone supervolcano as a “high threat” on its rarely-updated volcano threat assessments list. Though trailing at number 21 behind more formidable rivals, the much-discussed supervolcano has nonetheless held its own in the rankings since 2005, the […]

US withdrawal from INF treaty would make the world a more dangerous place – Kremlin

The US’ intention to quit the landmark INF treaty is of serious concern, as by doing so Washington would make the world a more dangerous place, Russian Presidential Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said. If indeed Washington turns its back on the landmark 1987 agreement, the ban on the production of short and intermediate range missiles would […]

Hidden camera reveals trampoline parks ignoring dangerous behaviour

Since the first trampoline park in Canada opened in 2011, others have been popping up across the country — and with them comes the risk of serious injury. Marketplace visited 12 trampoline parks across the country to see what was being done to mitigate risks to minors in this unregulated industry.

The Sordid and Dangerous History of Hazing

Like many college freshmen today, 18-year-old Mortimer Marcellus Leggett had high hopes when he entered Cornell University in the fall of 1873. He planned to become a patent lawyer like his father and aspired to join the school’s chapter of the prestigious Kappa Alpha Society. About a month later, young Mort Leggett’s battered body had […]

Google Maps Street View: Man narrowly escapes dangerous accident while working

Google Maps Street View captured a man and his wife doing work outside of their house. The woman was peering into a bush with a gardening tool by her foot, as she appeared to be preparing or fixing the foliage and fence. The man was on a ladder looking over the top of his caravan […]