'Dancing with his backside’: ‘Huggy Bear’ senator ordered to quit cuddling colleagues

California’s state senate has ordered a politician to stop greeting his colleagues with hugs. An investigation has found that some of those on the receiving end were uncomfortable with the gesture. Los Angeles Democratic senator Bob Hertzberg’s penchant for hugs was so widely known that it earned him the nickname ‘Huggy Bear.’ The probe into […]

Kiss Me, I’m in an Autonomous Car: Rinspeed Snap Concept Is for “Cuddling”

– Would you like to kiss someone in a transparent box filled with bacteria-killing LEDs and blood-pressure monitors? You may not, but future generations might enjoy hygienic makeout sessions in fully autonomous shuttles like this Rinspeed Snap. – Hailing from Rinspeed’s home of Switzerland, this “cozy cuddling pod” with a comfortable, four-person seating arrangement, is […]