Ethereum, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency, is in meltdown

Markets Insider Ethereum has lost 20% over the last day and is now trading at its lowest level since August 2017. The world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency has lost more than 80% of its value since peaking in December 2017. Prices for Ethereum have fallen to their lowest level in a year. The world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency has […]

Deribit launches a cryptocurrency exchange with millisecond transaction speeds and low fees

One downside of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the high transaction fees. Another is that long delays while waiting for the transaction to clear can be the difference between winning and losing in such a volatile market. A Bitcoin futures and options exchange called Deribit has introduced the Deribit Perpetual, a trading product that…Read More

A cryptocurrency is making huge inroads in Venezuela as inflation runs wild — and it’s not bitcoin or the Petro

Ryan Taylor/Dash Core Group Venezuela is currently suffering from hyperinflation and the president recently devalued the currency by 95%. Locals are turning to cryptocurrencies as a more stable store of value and means to transact. 200 merchants per month are signing up to accept Dash in Venezuela, according to the Dash Core Group, and the […]

Federal court orders alleged hacker to pay for bail with cryptocurrency

Defendants in US federal court cases now have another option for staying out on bail: emptying their virtual wallets. A district court in San Francisco has ordered alleged hacker Martin Marsich to pay the equivalent of $ 750,000 in cryptocurrency if he wants to live in a halfway house while facing trial. It’s not clear […]

Venezuela's Maduro announces new minimum wage, exchange rate tied to petro cryptocurrency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced the plan to tie the national currency’s exchange rate to the state-launched cryptocurrency petro. The country’s new and increase minimum wage will also be anchored to the petro. Maduro said the petro would be valued at $ 60 or 3,600 sovereign bolivars after the redenomination planned for August 20 […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Regulation (Right Now)

Written by Gary Ross This article was originally published on UpCounsel.   The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Innovators, investors, users, and governments are scrambling to wrap their heads around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that they rely upon. The emergence of a new market and business model has created […]

Inlock launches blockchain-powered lending for cryptocurrency holders

EXCLUSIVE: One of the most prevalent blockchain use cases is the application of distributed ledger technology, and the associated tokens created through ICOs and token-generation events, to the world of finance. Inlock today announced the global launch of its platform that matches licensed lenders with borrowers. Basically, Inlock pairs those with…Read More

Top Crypto Kings Dominating Digital Currency World [INFOGRAPHIC]

As though the many opportunities provided by technology and social media aren’t enough, the internet is bringing a new world of possibilities that seemed unthinkable a few decades ago. One of these new possibilities is the blockchain-based business which is taking over rapidly. In case you are unfamiliar with it, blockchain is technology that is […]

Declining cryptocurrency prices are making graphics cards affordable again

Enlarge / Data from PC Part Picker (credit: Timothy B. Lee, data from PC Part Picker) About a year ago, graphics card prices started to go crazy. Then in early 2018, things got even crazier. The price of a Radeon RX 570—a mid-range graphics card popular for cryptocurrency mining—soared from under $ 200 in April […]