A study tracked cancer patients using crowdfunding to pay for homeopathy. The results are troubling

A survey published in The Lancet journal tracked 220 cancer patients who turned to GoFundMe to pay for homeopathic treatment which is not based on modern science. At least 28 per cent of those patients died and research points to an increased risk of death among those who seek alternative treatments.

Hundreds of health crowdfunding campaigns are for sham treatments

Enlarge / Quaaaack. (credit: flickr user: caribooooou) Crowdfunding is big business for healthcare. GoFundMe alone has raised more than $ 5 billion in the last eight years, with one out of every three campaigns raising money to cover healthcare costs, according to GoFundMe’s CEO. Often, these campaigns are for the uninsured or underinsured, and help […]

Crowdfunding raises millions for quack cancer remedies, like coffee enemas

Enlarge / Bottles of herbal oils and dried plants used in alternative medicine. (credit: Getty | Martin Norris) Doctors and clinics that peddle unproven, potentially harmful treatments to desperate cancer patients are pocketing millions thanks to donations collected on popular crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe. That’s according to data published recently in BMJ. In just […]

The FTC is investigating iBackPack, an $800,000 crowdfunding scam

Kickstarter and Indiegogo may have started with great intentions, but crowdfunding campaigns now seem at least as likely to fall short of their promises as to fully deliver on them. As The Verge reports today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken a particular interest in the Los Angeles startup behind iBackPack, which raised nearly $ 800,000…Read […]

EU plans crowdfunding ‘passports’ to boost fintech

(Reuters) — The European Union’s executive has proposed a draft law to offer crowdfunding platforms bloc-wide access to customers as part of efforts to boost growth in the financial technology sector. Crowdfunding allows start-ups to tap small sums of money from many individuals as an alternative to a bank loan, still the main source of […]

The lone member of Kenya’s Olympic team is a 19-year-old skier who used crowdfunding to help her train

Blick Sport/YouTube Sabrina Wanjiku Simader will be the lone Kenyan at the Winter Olympics. Simader qualified for alpine skiing at the 2017 World Championships, but needed some help to get there. Simader launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover travel, equipment, and training costs and appeared to meet her goal. When the 2018 Winter Olympics in […]

Nightmarchers seeks crowdfunding for a postapocalyptic trip to Hawaii

The action role-playing game Nightmarchers is adding a tropical twist to the end of the world. Developer Wyrmbyte crafted a postapocalyptic version of the Hawaiian island Oahu, incorporating local mythology in protagonist Kai’s quest to reclaim the land from evil gods. The game is raising funds on Fig, with an estimated PC launch coming this […]

10 reasons the $1 million crowdfunding cap should be $20 million

GUEST: It’s been18 months since the final rule of the JOBS Act went into effect, allowing equity crowdfunding. In those 18 months, everything proponents of the rule said would happen (and none of what the detractors said would happen) has become a reality. Over $ 82 million dollars of previously untapped capital from local investors […]