India’s rupee hits an all-time low as the Turkish lira crisis spills over to other currencies

Thomson Reuters The Indian rupee briefly fell to an all-time low of 70.1 per US dollar in Tuesday trade. Indonesia’s currency also fell to a multi-year low as government ministers discussed strategies to prop up the currency. JP Morgan’s emerging markets foreign exchange index is on track for its biggest monthly fall in six years. […]

‘A crisis in our democracy’: Lawmakers warn fake news and targeted ads put elections at risk (FB)

Channel 4 News/YouTube British MPs said fake news, hypertargeted advertising, and manipulation are threatening democracy. Damian Collins MP called on the UK government to take urgent action and impose stricter regulation on tech firms to tackle the problem. Collins is chair of a UK committee which has been investigating the issue of fake news over […]

There’s one obvious culprit behind the US pension crisis

Allison Shelley/Getty Images Corporate pension plans are facing a $ 553 billion shortfall. State, federal and local government pension plans are $ 7 trillion short in funding. The reason for this crisis is simple — investment returns are not high enough. I’ve been talking a lot about the looming pension crisis… My short thesis is, […]

Mike Manley named CEO of FCA amid Sergio Marchionne health crisis

Autoblog ist jetzt Teil der Oath-Familie. Nach EU-Datenschutzgesetzen benötigen wir (Oath), unsere Anbieter und Partner Ihre Einwilligung, um auf Ihrem Gerät Cookies zu speichern, um Ihre Such-, Standort- und Browsing-Daten zu verwenden, Ihre Interessen zu verstehen und Anzeigen auf unseren Produkten zu personalisieren und zu messen. Oath stellt Ihnen auch personalisierte Anzeigen auf den Produkten […]

Argentina’s currency crisis is far from over

Too pricey to drown sorrows ON A residential street corner in Buenos Aires, Van Koning Market sells imported beers to the city’s well-heeled. Since it opened in June last year costs have soared. The peso has plummeted, meaning wholesale prices have shot up. Inflation is running at 26%; the reduction of government subsidies means the […]

Family doctors crisis as job vacancies are at highest ever level

And recruitment problems are concentrated on certain practices, with two-thirds of vacancies at those with more than one position unfilled. The British Medical Association reacted to the poll of 660 GPs out today, warning that shortages were creating “unmanageable workloads”. The BMA’s Dr Richard Vautrey said: “The Government must prioritise general practice and urgently invest […]

Madagascar Spirals Toward a Fresh Crisis After Years of Neglect

Madagascar’s presidential palace, built on a grandiose scale by North Korea, sits on manicured grounds about 15 kilometers outside Antananarivo. Its splendid isolation from the capital — let alone the poverty of Madagascar — is a fitting symbol of a state whose influence is scant. Inside the palace’s vast hallways and cavernous meeting rooms, President […]