MIT professor accuses Bellingcat’s Higgins of enabling ‘war criminals’ to walk free in Syria (VIDEO)

A debate between Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins and MIT Professor Theodore Postol on the alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria in April 2017 got heated as the two accused each other of covering up war crimes. The opponents met on the grounds of the Center for Investigative Journalism’s Conspiracy conference in London on Saturday, […]

It’s no coincidence that Trump is surrounded by criminals

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer Several of President Donald Trump’s close associates have now been convicted of crimes, and many more have engaged in corrupt activity in office. Why did the president who planned to hire “the best people” end up surrounded by moochers, grifters and criminals? Because working for Trump is horrible and unfulfilling — unless you […]

UK building £700k prison wing in Nigeria to return criminals to their country

The UK is to build a new wing at Kiri Kiri prison in Nigeria in a bid to relieve the packed detention systems at home and in the African country. The new 112-bed wing will cost the UK £700,000 ($ 972,000). According to a statement released by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Wednesday, the new […]

Terrorists and criminals could weaponize AI in five years, report states

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ripe for exploitation by criminal gangs and terrorists, a stark new report has claimed with experts calling for restrictions to be introduced immediately — before it is too late. Governments could already be plotting to make use of brand new tech, including drones adapted into missiles, fake videos and auto-hacking tools, […]

Cryptocurrency-mining criminals that netted $3 million gear up for more

Enlarge / Money. (credit: AMC) Researchers have uncovered what they said is one of the biggest malicious currency mining operations ever, with more than $ 3 million worth of digital coin. Now, the operators are gearing up to make more. The unknown criminals generated the windfall over the past 18 months. The campaign has mainly […]

UK will seize assets held by foreign criminals, says security chief

The UK has introduced sweeping new powers which, according to the country’s security minister, will be used to seize the assets of foreign criminals. Speaking to the Times, cabinet minister Ben Wallace said that he would use “the full force of the government” to stifle the activities of investors using Britain as a haven for their […]

The law that’s freeing UK’s 'worst rapist,' while other petty criminals face indefinite terms

Many are asking why the UK’s ‘worst sex offender’ – a cabbie believed to have assaulted 100 women – will be freed from jail while thousands of others on indeterminate sentences for lesser crimes are still without a release date. John Worboys, 60, a former stripper and porn actor, was convicted of 19 offences in […]

Bitcoin only good for tech nerds, privacy nuts & criminals – ING analyst

Published time: 22 Dec, 2017 11:15 Dutch multinational bank ING says bitcoin won’t see large-scale adoption, as the cryptocurrency doesn’t have much to offer ordinary people with its basic features a significant hurdle to legalization. “What they regard as key benefits, may actually be impediments to wider adoption… Users will include tech nerds, people obsessed […]

Cisco is linking up with Interpol to share data about the cyber criminals it finds on its network

Thomson Reuters On Tuesday, Cisco announced that it will share “cybercrime” data with the international police network Interpol. The data includes information and analysis about security threats that Cisco already aggregates through an existing research arm, Cisco Talos. The company said it won’t share information about customer vulnerabilities.  It’s a warm nod to law enforcement in an industry that […]

Cash-strapped police relax monitoring of sex offender to focus on ‘high-risk’ criminals

British police forces are to scale back on their monitoring of sex offenders, including rapists, to focus on higher-risk criminals, the National Police Chiefs’ Council has said. Under the new scheme, the risk sex offenders pose to the public will be reassessed, and thorough measures originally designed to stop them from reoffending, such as annual […]