The Fed stalls the creation of a bank with a novel business model

TEN years on from the financial crisis, the structure of American banking has not changed. At its core are government-guaranteed, and therefore cheap, deposits that banks put to work, primarily through lending. Deposits have become more important for bank funding in recent years; governments have become increasingly fussy about how the money is lent out. […]

2018 iPad review: Content creation with compromises

Enlarge / The 2018 iPad. (credit: Samuel Axon) Just like last year’s iPad, this year’s model is still the best tablet at its price point for watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and browsing the Web. But by adding Pencil support and extolling the device’s virtues for educators, Apple has tried to position this new […]

Content creation on automated steroids: Lessons from Associated Press (VB Live)

VB LIVE: Curating, creating, and delivering fresh content pushes your marketing game to the next level. Your goal: Get the right content to the right people, when and where they want to see it. To learn about how to growthhack content creation, don’t miss this VB Live event. Register here for free. The Associated Press, […]

Anchor turns itself into a one-stop podcast creation app

Anchor started off as a social network for audio — the app let users make quick, impromptu broadcasts to their followers straight from their phone. But the company started seeing more and more people using it to make full-on podcasts, so it added features to push Anchor recordings to Apple Podcasts and Google Play last […]

Coding without a keystroke: The hands-free creation of a full video game

Dig Dog is a pretty fun little video game. Call it “Spelunky for kids”—and don’t think of that as a backhanded compliment, either. Dig Dog, which launched Thursday on iOS, Xbox, Windows, and Mac, shaves away some of the genre’s complications, controls smoothly, and has depth. It’s as if the modern wave of randomly generated, […]

VOTD: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ VFX Reel Reveals the Creation of Future Los Angeles

It’s unfortunate that Blade Runner 2049 bombed at the box office this summer, especially since it’s one of the most thoughtful and gorgeous blockbusters we’ve seen in years. But that doesn’t mean those of us who took the time to see the movie can’t still marvel at the incredible work that went into bringing Ridley […]

The Wall Street legend who helped blow up the world explains why his ‘Frankenstein’ creation went so wrong

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Lewis Ranieri is considered the father of the mortgage-backed security. His invention enabled millions of Americans to afford homes, but its distortion and manipulation also helped cause the financial crisis.  He told Institutional Investor he never imagined ratings agencies and regulators would fail so badly, but also accepted part of the blame. […]

US military goes green, eyes creation of ‘spy plants’

Published time: 27 Nov, 2017 11:24 Edited time: 27 Nov, 2017 11:25 A new research program commissioned by the US military could turn horticulture into a form of spycraft, potentially sparing humans the need to work in dangerous environments. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to genetically engineer plant-based sensors as battlefield surveillance […]

Harry Potter character’s HEARTBREAKING creation story revealed by J.K. Rowling

Speaking as part of a bBC documentary set to air this weekend, Rowling admitted that Professor Sprout – played by Miriam Margolyes in the films – holds a particularly special place in her heart. She recalled staying at a friend’s house in 1990, after having started work on the first book about six months earlier. […]