Battle Chef Brigade combines competitive cooking and dungeon crawling on November 20

Battle Chef Brigade is like next-level farm-to-table cooking. You play a chef in a culinary competition where you slay monsters, hack them up for ingredients, and solve puzzles in the kitchen to create succulent dishes. Part puzzler and part action-platformer, it’s the third title from Trinket Studios. Publisher Adult Swim Games will serve it up […]

Nightmare fuel: Trapped in airplane seat crawling with bedbugs

Enlarge / Bed bug feeding on a human. (credit: Getty | VW Pics) British Airways has apologized to a Canadian family who reported being feasted upon by a pack of bedbugs during an overnight flight from Vancouver to London earlier this month, CTV Vancouver reported. Szilagyi posted pictures of bites on her daughter’s calves on […]

English policeman in gorilla costume just finished crawling the London Marathon after 6 days

REUTERS/Peter Nicholls LONDON (AP) — An English policeman wearing a gorilla costume while crawling the London Marathon has finally finished the race, almost a week after starting. Metropolitan Police officer Tom Harrison, who goes by the name “Mr. Gorilla,” raised a reported 26,000 pounds ($ 33,650) for the Gorilla Organisation, which is dedicated to conserving […]

Crawl’s Full Release Brings Dungeon Crawling Where Your Friends Are The Monsters

Crawl is a local multiplayer dungeon crawler, one where one player gets to be the hero and the other three play ghosts who can control traps, monsters, and bosses. Now out of Early Access, players will get the definitive experience of beating on each other in a fast-paced battle to see who can be the […]