Star Wars 9 is ‘JJ Abrams' course CORRECTION for Lucasfilm after Solo FLOPPED’

Last Christmas Rian Johnson’s Star Wars The Last Jedi hit cinemas and completely divided fans. Many felt what was set up by JJ Abrams in The Force Awakens wasn’t handled well from Rey’s parents reveal to Snoke’s untimely death. Five months later and Solo hit cinemas taking less than $ 400 million at the worldwide […]

Chubbs is back! WATCH gigantic 15ft alligator roam Florida golf course

A massive alligator, nicknamed Chubbs, has once again been spotted in Florida roaming along the clean-cut grass and shocking visitors at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto. Strolling the course and casually enjoying the warmth of sunlight, the massive 15-foot reptile was not shy of cameras. While the enormous predator instilled fears in those […]

26 Countries Ban All Abortions. But 1 May Soon Change Course

On the gray cobblestones outside the National Congress of the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo, women of all ages sang, clapped and stomped their feet. They held signs reading “El Futuro Es Feminista!” (The Future Is Feminist) and “Por riesgo de vida y salud de las mujeres, yo appoyo las tres causales,” (For women’s life […]

Duolingo launches Hindi language course for English speakers

Today, Duolingo’s Hindi language course for English speakers officially launched on its website. The course is not yet available on iOS or Android apps, but it will be making its way to these devices in the future. The course has been in development for over a year; Kanan Gupta is the lead creator. Hindi is […]

Trump preps for Putin meet at ‘magical’ Scottish golf course amid Russian meddling claims

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters Trump is visiting his golf course in Scotland. He’s meeting with Russian president Vladamir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. A U.S. federal grand jury has charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with stealing data from the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. TURNBERRY/GLASGOW, Scotland (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump was holed up […]

David Fincher Shot 75 Takes For One ‘Mindhunter’ Scene, Because Of Course He Did

David Fincher‘s love of shooting many, many takes of one scene until he gets what he wants is well-documented. While discussing his Netflix serial killer series Mindhunter, Fincher revealed he shot one nine-minute scene a whopping 75 times. Filmmaker David Fincher knows what he wants, and he’ll shoot as many takes as it takes to make […]

Finnish university’s online AI course is open to everyone

Helsinki University in Finland has launched a course on artificial intelligence — one that’s completely free and open to everyone around the world. Unlike Carnegie Mellon’s new undergrad degree in AI, which the institution created to train future experts in the field, Helsinki’s offering is more of a beginner course for those who want to […]